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  1. Thanks, and yes on me they are. French Sole are a little stiffer and fits small to size whereas Anniels are softer and wider. I have several pairs from each brand and would never consider anything else, but I think it depends on your feet and how much support is needed (in general ballerina shoes don't really have much of that). Hope this helps and do ask if you need sizing details or anything :smile:
  2. Coats and jackets are such good investments especially because you can wear them multiple times a week.

    As for the Bal dress it would have to be shockingly gorgeous and flattering at that price point for me. It would also depend on how much wear I'd get out of it given my lifestyle. So for me I'd probably consider some like a great winter coat more of an investment.

    Actually, I have a couple of items that I love (winter coat included) that weren't pricey but they were carefully chosen for having a flattering cut for my body type.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a question.

    I'm thinking about these sandals, which are on sale:


    I want some black sandals with a 3" heel to wear with jeans, and I was thinking about a wedge or block heel. But most wedges and block heels in black seem clunky to me, even when they have a nude or neutral colored heel. Still I like the idea of a wedge or block heel because I can walk in the shoes a lot without wearing out the heel.

    Should I wait until I find the perfect wedge or block heel? Or will they be too clunky in black and should I go for the thinner heel instead?

    Could I wear these with bootcut jeans as well as skinny-er jeans?
  4. Hard to answer...I think you could wear these shoes with any kind of jeans/pants. It all depends on you and if you can wear thin heels like that?
    I think you can have both styles, thin heels AND wedges:p
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    Sorry for enabling...
    OK, my first bag purchase of the year, for spring/summer. I don't plan to buy any other bag this year except my Chanel HG . Still need to clear up my closet though:biggrin:...
    Céline vertical cabas bicolour linen/orange
  6. Love the simplicity of this cabas, but do i see a wire hanging?
  7. Thanks for responding! I like them more every time I look at the pic. I wear pumps with heels like this, but I like to wear my sandals to walk in. Although I don't have to wear THESE sandals on long walks.

    I think that may be her watermark - same color as the top of the bag.
  8. oops, it's my watermark...all this technology is just too much for me:p
    I hesitated so much on the combo, then I chose the minimalist touch...I have wanted this bag for so long, I didn't want to wrong
  9. So chic! I love the pop of orange against the neutral linen.
  10. Oh lol! I don't see it on my phone
  11. Tadaaa, here she is.

  12. this is a very special purchase! we need lots and lots of modelling shots, starring miss Kelly. Seems to be in good shape and versatile colour...:smile:
  13. Indeed, only the bottom sides are a bit damaged as shown on the photos in the listing, but I'll look into that later! She was really worth it and I think I got a pretty good deal with the price €2500. I want to buy a twilly now for the handle, maybe this weekend I'll go into the city, I have to take a link from my watch anyway since it's too big.

    This is how I wore her today, with APC sweater, levi's shorts, fur from a furrier in iceland and chanel flats.

  14. Yahoo! Congrats, that's a treasure you have there Myrkur, love your mod pics...more please:graucho:...Where did you find such a beauty, if you don't mind sharing? Can you give a few details on the leather, the year etc...Sorry but I am a fervent H lover:p
  15. Thanks, I found her on eBay. I had in mind to buy a new one, since they are ridiculously priced even secondhand, but when I saw this, I couldn't let her go! I was afraid it might be even fake for the price, but I think that has to do with it's condition (no box, dustbag, key and some scratches) because I had it authenticated and couldn't find anything 'fake' myself. It has a T with a circle on it, so it's from 1990. The leather is courcheval and the color chocolate. I believe it's a size 32, have too measure it for sure.