The One(ish) A Month Club

  1. Love the new purchases - washable silk tops cannot be beaten :biggrin: :yes:
  2. Way late to weigh in, but love the Erdem shirt!
    (Love Erdem.)

    I'm now done for Feb. Opening Ceremony.
  3. :ty: I'm really excited, can't wait to see it in person :biggrin: I love Erdem too, this will be my second piece :love:

    Love your jacket and well done for February!! :tup:
  4. Feb so far:

    VCA rose gold Perlee band
    current elliott boyfriend jeans
    Current elliott boyfriend destroyed jeans
    Jcrew pjs 3 sets
    Jcrew swimwear 3 sets
  5. for this month, I bought another of lanvin flats black.
  6. Holding myself accountable!
    -The chanel earrings are safely in my possession 
    -could not resist the Zara striped peplum cardigan (think it was from summer 2012) at 9.90 euro!! It had to come home with me.
    Bought a sparkly blue sweater from Mango, also heavily discounted. But, if I don't wear it for my dinner date with hubby tomorrow night, it is going back to the store.

    Now, I just have to hang in there till March!
  7. And I did NOT buy the Zara shoes mentioned above, was not comfy on my feet. PHEW!
  8. Yikes! Comprehensive list!

    I need to read the rules. Jewelry & accessories don't count, right!?
    And now here I am trying justify things my husband has bought for me!:roflmfao:
  9. PJs and swimwear don't count for sure.

    Personally, I am not counting jewelry/watches/anything you don't put on a hanger, BUT I'm sticking to the rule (I like one per month better than 5 per season), otherwise, what's the point?
  10. are these comfy for long walks?

    beautiful items as always, you have superb taste! Shall I keep lurking here for modelling shots?;)
  11. I just sprayed them with Apple Garde and I'll be taking them out on a mall marathon this weekend! I'll let you know.

    There are some reviews on and

    Unlike the cheap NYLA wedge sneakers that I'll be returning, these nikes have a real insole with arch support. The insole edges curve up a little bit around my foot. I think the lift is only 2" or less from my measurements of the size 8.5. Heel height is 3". They don't feel very high to me, which is good. They don't feel flat like a sneaker (actually my other workout sneakers have a bit of a heel anyway), but they don't feel high like my 2.5" heel boots.
  12. I've been very bad this month but I am on holiday and more or less completed my SS13 wish list, other than a cashmere Chinti & Parker sweater. I got: Equipment stars blouse, Isabel Marant etoile Sumac jacket in red, white with black captoe Chanel espadrilles (in leather - so exciting!), Siwy Hannah jeans (50% off) and an APC gold tweed sweatshirt. Must be good now!
    image-2607868855.jpg image-47832312.jpg image-3885034158.jpg image-3598639501.jpg image-2584774715.jpg
  13. Bought my two for this month:

    Jimmy Choo Nude Peep toe pumps - great deal!
    Prada double zip Cammeo tote!
  14. Nice pieces!
    Esp. love the Equipment shirt & APC sweatshirt! It's tough to contain shopping on holidays!

    I'm not counting it on my 1/mo, but I also bought a suede Balengiaga part time....and as soon as my foot is healed I will be buying some shoes! (12 weeks in a shiny blue surgical boot is making me crave fun heels & strappy sandals!)
  15. Thank you! The APC sweatshirt was a total impulse buy but it is very pretty and unique. I was soooo tempted to buy the perfect Jimmy Choo nude pump that matched my skin tone perfectly (pasty right now I'm afraid) but they are not terribly practical for my lifestyle.

    Oh the Bal sounds lovely! If it doesn't *count* do you still have a purchase to make for this month? Your poor foot, I would be craving different and new footwear too!