The One(ish) A Month Club

  1. This is a spinoff of the 2013 fashion resolutions thread. Fionabrown mentioned a shopping technique called the 5 Piece French Wardrobe as a way to shop more thoughtfully. Here are the rules:

    For myself I decided to do a one purchase a month rule instead of 5 per season, but the idea is the same. So let's use this thread to post our thoughtfully planned wardrobe purchases! It can be 1 or 2 a month or 5 a season, whatever works for you... the whole point is to avoid impulse buying and invest in quality.

    I will start, here's my big January purchase. It's the IRO dylan jacket... dreamy sequins and it was on heavy discount at Nordstrom Rack:[​IMG]

  2. I have the same jacket and I absolutely love it! I bought it in Paris so it will always make me think of that beautiful place.

    I already broke the rules this month and probably will again next month. Maybe I should start in March.
  3. My big purchase this month: Isabel Marant Basley booties.
  4. OMG..i just bought a few things...all IM...this rule set me to no shopping till may...:shocked:
    i've been bad...really bad :p
  5. I like that IRO jacket...very chic.
  6. You look fab
  7. Great idea! That is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. What did you buy?
  9. For December I bought a mint wool sweater from Rachel Comey. And for January, I bought a lavender wool skirt from opening ceremony during their seasonal sale. I love the color!

    I recently purged out my closet and I really didn't miss any of my clothing at all. I donated most of my stuff to a charity run for HIV/AIDS and I gave a few of my nicest/most expensive stuff to my best friend who has been struggling to find a job right now.
    1951163.jpeg pop_68116_76_fw12peterjensen_4434.jpeg
  10. I really love this concept. I don't know how I will twist it to make it work for me, wether it will be 1 piece pr. month, 5 pieces pr. season or with this, new to me, concept Fashion on the Ration (which I just googled and liked). But one point I know I will make it "mine" is that I will only buy clothes in my goal size after I finish my weightloss. I can only buy the basics for my current size: t-shirts, pantyhose, socks and so on. Plus a dress to wear at my friends wedding in april, though it will have to be on a budget.

    I know it may sound strange to some, and maybe also naive, but I feel this to be a big motivation for me.

    And with this in mind, my January purchase is this:

    A jacket/cardi from Cubus.

    I also have it in my current size, and love it so much I had my friend hunt it down for me (it's not available in my country).
  11. I LOVE that jacket :love:
  12. I love this concept but try as I might, I can never stick to it. So far:

    January purchases
    DKNY leather trim leggings £79 reduced from £200 - Harvey Nichols
    COS leather trousers £59

    February planned purchases
    Clarks Kendra boots - that will go with everything in my wardrobe

    Possible future purchases in Feb/ March
    Diamond initial necklace

    Silk blouse from Jigsaw - that will go with my leather leggings, trousers and leggings

    I also want to buy some Stuart Weitzman over the knee suede boots but I will try and put off that purchase until the start of next autumn/ winter season.
  13. Very nice jacket OP! Can we get some whole outfit pix? :biggrin:

    lol me too. I don't think I can participate in this thread. :p
    So what did you buy? :graucho:

    congrats, those shoes look cute and comfy!!!
  14. I have been doing this for 2 years and my closet has never worked and looked better! Not counting basic tees or workout wear, I buy about 3-5 pieces per season, including shoes, and allow myself 2-3 bonus or wildcard items per year that might be a bit more trendy or whatever. I started my spring shopping early and Just bought both a Marc by Marc Jacobs and a DVF day-evening dress and a gorgeous and unique ALC black and white wool cardigan. Going to London in June so my focus is chic/urban travel wear. Thinking about adding some Cole Haan red animal print pony hair smoking flats and maybe a pair of gray skinny jeans. That's it!
  15. I'm at my grandparent's house right now (as you can see from the decor, lol) and there aren't any good photo spots, but I'll see if I can get my friend to take one tonight. I'm wearing my new baby out on our "girl date".

    And trust me, if I had a bigger shopping budget I'd have a hard time sticking to one a month too! Loving everybody's purchases :loveeyes: