The One I Might Regret....

  1. Well....I just got back from the post office from mailing out my very last Louis Vuitton bag.
    When I was selling it...I kept thinking 'No biggie, I haven't used it in 3 months, I really want that new Chanel, etc.'

    Even when it sold last night I kept thinking 'YAY that funded the new Chanel bag'

    Then this afternoon she paid and I was still thinking 'YAY...gonna call now and order the Chanel since I have the money'

    Then I packaged it all up, wrote out the card, put the security tag on and I thought 'CRAPPERS...WTF am I doing?'

    But alas...she is in the hands of USPS. So let me tell you her story...

    She was THEE bag that got me into Louis Vuitton...the one I always wanted, but I ended up buying like 6 bags before I finally found her. She was made in late 2004 in San Dimas and had a great color combo (lots of pinks and greens which I like)! When I bought her (for a mere $900) I fell in love! She had a great her original Mommy babied her!
    I loved taking her out to the casino, and wearing her with blue jeans and black jeans with a solid colored top to match one of the 33 great colors.

    *sigh* what did I do??? LOL I know I can buy her back anytime....but out of all the bags (even Stephen and all those limited pieces)...this one was THEE hardest to let go of!!!

    So I am now officially LV-less (with the exception of some accessories) :crybaby:
  2. hey Dont be sad! There are still loads of nice bags about. Was it a Multicolore you had?
  3. Aw, don't be sad Naomi! You've got all those STUNNING Bbags now!

    There's a time for everything...for you, it was the time to let go of LV and move onto other things that caught your eye. It's hard to let go of certain things but remember the good times you had with the bag...and all the compliments you got on it!

    And like you said, you can always buy it back if you find yourself truly regretting letting it go. :smile:
  4. awwwww.. :shrugs: it must have been hard and sad.. but just think that you've made another person happy by having that bag... That LV will have a new (hopefully) loving owner... cheer up!:idea:
  5. :crybaby:shedding a tear for the departed.

    on the plus side like you said if you miss her that much you can buy another may just take a little time to get the right combo
  6. How sad! I've been there, too. I usually end up rebuying the bag! LOL
  7. Thanks all!

    Yes, it was a black MC speedy!

    And the new owner...I feel so bad for her. She has bought fakes on eBay and is in disputes to get her money back! So I am so happy that she'll be getting an authentic bag in the mail soon!!!!

    And just got off the phone with a Chanel SA to hunt down my first I guess once that shows up I'll be all giddy and be OK LOL! And a new Bbag will probably be bought this weekend...and hubby bought me a new Bbag too (I think!) I guess my bag world is OK!

    I guess I just always thought of myself as the LV bag girl. I told hubby I was kind of sad and his response 'gee honey, kind of hard for me to be upset about a purse going OUT the door instead of IN' LOL
  8. You just need some LV retail therapy. :graucho:
  9. Awww... how sad! Think of your brand new chanel!
  10. Lol Liberte....I've been contemplating the Palermo...but then the darn Chanel caught my eye. I've got a grand left over from bag sales (I also sold all my Chloes...realized those bags just didn't work for me)....and a darn Bbag caught my eye in a color I've been wanting ACK! I need to sell some more crap!
  11. Iknow how you feel! I have been dying in love with a LV speedy 35 for YEARS!!! Everytime I saw someone carrying,I would get a far away look in my eyes and mutter to myself "some day, that bag will be mine" Fast forward 2 years, I finally got it and everytime I look at her I get giddy inside. But even THINKING about seeling her makes my stomach cramp up. I just can't bring myself to do it!! BUt you did, be strong dear, be strong!!:smile:
  12. Ya...exactly! I did that with my BH!!:p
  13. I am pretty sure I saw your bag on eBay! I was seriously considering buying it. I have always wanted the MC speedy, but I have promised myself no more spending until the spring :crybaby:I undestand how you feel. I always have a tinge of regret after I sell something, but now you can have great fun choosing something new. Can't wait to see what you decide to get.
  14. ahhh Sarah...that would've been too cool if you had bought it!
  15. There will always be another LV bag for you someday. Cheer up;) Cant wait to see your chanel!:yahoo: