The One Birkin bag................

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  1. Okay so my title doesnt mean much but my question is this: Is there one Hermes Birkin that really embodies the essence of Hermes? I always viewed the toile/barenia, barenia and black box to be the Birkin (a relatively modern bag for Hermes) imbued with Hermes' history, dignity, quality and understated elegance.

    I love the birkin but i just cant do exotics (too garish/flashyfor my comfort level). I am tired of togo and clemence so I am trying to figure out one bag that is just old school awesome. That being said, barenia is not me and I fear box ..........discuss!:biggrin:
  2. Chevre??
  3. sounds like chevre
  4. chevre..............:yes:
  5. The birkin was designed for Jane Birkin...who was casual, I don't think box, croc or chevre.....would be Jane Birkin.
  6. GG good point!
  7. yes.........i do agree. thoughts?
  8. i still think chevre. you have really excluded most skins. i don't think swift would be it. i prefer togo to all skins. after it is well worn in it is just a perfect bag, but you have excluded togo. the only skin i don't have is chevre and that's where i want to go next and i love casual, throw around birkins. all those others you mention sit in their boxes in my closet but i use my togo and clemence bags all the time.
  9. Jane's bag was/is black box with gh, that is the one that feels most quintessential to me. Do you mind if I ask why you fear it? It gets beautiful with age and use.
  10. One of the earliest skins the Birkin was available in was Courcheval and its current incarnation is Epsom. When I think of a classic Birkin I also think of gold Courcheval with gold hardware.
  11. ^^ :yes: Gold birkin to me is the classic birkin. It can be fun and elegant at the same time~~ I prefer something more structured.... so box/epsom would do the trick~~
  12. I have to agree to this one:smile:
  13. I think the "attitude" of the bag lies more in how you carry it than in the leather. I have seen people carring sellier box bags and they look extremely edgy and not formal at all. It depends on the clothing, the wearer, how the bag is done up (or not), and how the wearer carries herself...
  14. Black box
  15. Chevre is my FAVORITE H leather EVER!