The One Bag Challenge????

  1. I am considering buying one fabulous new bag for the spring and carrying It and only It for three months straight. I know CRAZY right??!!!

    I have approximately 120 bags.....designer bags. Half are fall/winter and half are spring/summer.

    I change bags everyday....I have been known to change my bag midway in the day depending on what I am doing that day.

    Consequently stuff gets lost....poor random sunglasses, lipsticks, business card holders, gift cards. Stuff just gets left behind.....and then LOST!!! I just found a gift card for a massage that just expired because it got lost in a handbag...:sad:

    So is the remedy to just make sure every single item gets transferred no matter what? Is this a matter of handbag organization?

    My SA at Nordstrom is a fabulous fashionista. She buys one bag and wears it all season long.

    Now I would like to maybe give myself the challenge.....ONE fabulous bag for three months.......Could I do it??

    Could you??? :wtf: ;)
  2. Interesting question and challenge to pose on a purse forum!

    Personally, I wish I could do it, but don't think I can. The idea of the ever elusive perfect bag for me is always out there. I fall in love with too many things and have yet to find the "IT" bag for myself.

    What bag do you have in mind for this challenge?
  3. I thought it was the perfect place to TALK about it because we are all obviously obsessed with handbags. :yes:

    I honestly DON'T think I could do it because I love sooooo many bags. I just wonder what it would be like to carry one bag all the time....would it less thing to worry about??, freedom???, boring???, pain in the a@@.....????

    My SA at Nordstrom and I looked at all the bags yesterday and I was thinking of the new Chloe Bay Bag in Taupe. It is beautiful, neutral and the perfect size.....Just thinkin'
  4. time to invest in the purseket so that all the little things will go from bag to bag. Or time to get into the habit of putting little stuff like that into a pochette in your bag, that will go from bag to bag with you.

    Good luck on using one bag for 3 months... I dont know if even i could do that. but we'll see i have a new bag coming today.

  5. Yes, Purseket! Try one, and that will be the only bag you'll really be able to carry for that long. A purse I dunno? What if you have to go out evenings or if a certain handbag doesn't go with your attire? You'll have to work your whole wardrobe around your bag.

    All I can say is good luck!
  6. My mother is like that - she has one fabulous bag she uses every day until another one comes along after a few months. So now she has all these lovely bags sitting there, not being used,.... I don't think she could be bothered to move everything around everyday.

    I am also in search for the 'perfect' bag, and whenever I think i found it, there is something lacking. (Maybe Hermes Birkin would do it.... :yes: ) but can't do that. So I rotate around (and midday if it is has to be).

    Taupe sounds great by the way - not that much of a Chloe fan myself but like the colour.

    Good luck in deciding - and let us know how it went;)
  7. i think i can.... i love my balenciaga bags so much.... i can pick just one and use it for 3 months straight :p
  8. I couldn't do it! My bag has to match my outfit. I wouldn't leave the house with a black bag and brown shoes or vice versa. If I choose something like white or red, I would worry about wearing a dark colored outfit (black dress for example) with the white, or pale, pastel colors with the red.
    Nope, couldn't do it.
  9. Oooh no, I need to adapt to my mood, my clothes, my location, the stars, the moon, the traffic, the wind, the weather . . . you get the picture!
  10. wow i could never do that! good luck if you choose to go for it and keep us posted.
  11. There is no way I could do it. I re-evaluate my bag for work daily depending on my outfit. I don't use my work bags on the weekend (completely different needs), nor do I use either of those categories of bags in the evening. For evening I need evening bags; for weekend days I need purses; and for work I need big totes. And of course, each has to go with the color of the outfit I am wearing.

    I know this sounds funny, but I'm completely serious. I really don't think one bag is enough. I need half a dozen at least.
  12. I charged a Marni bag to my CC, and because I felt slightly guilty about doing that, I told myself I would carry that bag everyday until I paid off the CC.

    I carried that Marni bag everyday for a month. I couldn't STAND it! My other bags were being neglected, and even though it was a neutral color, it didn't go with every outfit I wore. So I retired it for a little bit and let myself use my other bags. Luckily, I was able to pay off my CC a month after that.
  13. Forget it!!!! I haven't even started the challenge and I'm already bored thinking about it!

    Moving ON!! How do I organize my bags so stuff doesn't get lost????
  14. Holy crap. ONE handbag???!!
    I've been carrying one handbag since right before xmas, because my husband bought it, and I think he would have a heart attack if I actually used a different one. I'm itching to change, but the bag is pretty sweet...
  15. ^^ Gorgeous bag! Is that a Nolita?

    Jewelqueen, maybe you need a set place in your house to put stuff when you take it out of your bag. I take everything out of my old bag every time I change. If there's stuff in there that doesn't need to go in the new bag, it usually falls into one of two categories:

    1) Stuff that isn't usually in my purse at all (a gift card, a book of matches from a restaurant, etc.) These things I put away wherever they belong.

    2) Stuff I normally carry in my bag depending on how big the bag is, but might not be carrying around when I'm wearing a smaller bag (like my book, tissues, etc.) For example, if I'm changing from my work bag to an evening bag, there's a lot of stuff I normally carry to work that I don't carry around in the evening. This stuff goes on a table in my bedroom so I can put it back in the next time I change to a bigger bag.