The one and only?!

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  1. Jane Birkin once said: “I never have more than one bag at a time. I think one is already quite enough. Also, I hate changing bags, so I never have the thing of having ten bags. Any bag that’s with me will take the same course as I will. It will take the same airplanes and will be squashed in the same way and will be used as a cushion in the airports.”
    I also don´t like to change bags.I have only one bag, a 35 Birkin (and a Evelyne, which I only use when it´s impossible to handle a handheld bag)!
    Are there other "only-one-bag-for-all purposes" lades out there?
    I am just curious....
  2. Definitely NOT me! Lol!
  3. Yikes! That is what i've been telling myself ;) Technically "i should" but couldnt resist the power & pull of all H bags!
  4. Jane Birkin is my hero....I am sure she has slipped a fabulous clutch ( like a bicolor zipper Celine ) in her Birkin so she can jsut use that in the eve....

    She's my kind of girl, really!
  5. One bag.....Oh definitely no for me😝
  6. Well, thats what I thought when I got my first Birkin. It unfortunately didn't work that way but after acquiring 6 Birkins and 2 Kellys, 2 Lindys, I think I hit my quota and I am currently trying to down size now. I think 3 H bags would be good for me.
  7. Not for me and definitely not for most people here! :smile:
  8. If only need to go to work and no other events to go to..then.. maybe one bag is good enough.... but a B35 might not fit all occasions.. like cocktail parties... casual events... :sweatdrop:
  9. It's good that you asked this question, I have been thinking I don't NEED any more bags, just that I want more. Last week I was telling my husband I'll do a 100 days challenge using my etoupe b30 only, as it goes with everything. Tomorrow will be day 8 but I doubt I'll use it for another 92 days in a row as I just bought a new lindy :P
  10. I have a FAVORITE bag, but I cheat on her often :giggles:
  11. This is purse forum, most are hardcore bags addicts. Just 1 bag, afraid not!
  12. :smile: I agree. lol. Great question but I suppose the audience is likely heavily weighted towards one side. I have also asked myself this question recently and have tried to downsize. I would like each bag to have a purpose and I usually do not like duplicates. I think maybe 3-5 bags is a good number but 1 is not doable for me! Think about all the wear and I do not like to take expensive bags to kids school/sporting events.
  13. With Hermes, It's entirely possible that 1 is enough, yet 100 is not enough.
  14. I must admit the idea of a more streamlined closet does hold some appeal to me. However, just one bag would never suit all the needs of out multifaceted lives. The bag we wear running to work that holds our documents etc would never work at a black tie event or cocktail party. For those of us still raising kids, we need yet another type of bag....
    Though I do often fantasize about going more minimal!:smile:
  15. #15 Mar 16, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
    I agree with her (in theory) and while I own more than one I rarely use more than the same old bag. While I admit to being an Hermesaholic and I love the brand I also kind of despise what it has come to represent. I see someone parading down Park Avenue carrying a red crocodile 35 B --holding it just so--and I think it seems ridiculous. Before anyone jumps on me I realize I am somewhat hypocritical. I have several Hermes bags that I have never used. I got in a bad habit of buying bags when they were offered as I was afraid I would never get another! I sold as many as I bought-not to make money but just because I was overwhelmed and wanted to pare down. Like jewish or catholic guilt I believe there is Birkin guilt. Pathetic. However, now I carry a trim almost everyday and occasionally an old box leather birkin when I dont need free hands. And yes I still covet anything special and rare but I know I wont use it even if I could get it.:shame::shame::shame::shame::shame::shame: