The on going saga of the CELINE CLANDESTINE

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  1. So today I went to check out the picture of the Celine clandestine bag I was on the waiting list for. It looked totally different from the one I saw on soybeads thread. Please see attached

    Instead they had a similar one without the middle large pocket sticking out. So the SA said that was the only one they were getting. only 3. I also notice they had a different design of the bag from fall to spring BOTH NAME Clandestine!!!

    Anyways, I got back home and realize that wasn't right. SO I called the store again and this time the SA ( who was very nice) transfered me to the manager since she did not go to the runway show. This is what the manager said. The bag you see in the runway is bigger and made of lambskin and we (NY) decided not to get it since it would stretch to much if you put to much in it. WHY WOULD THEY ADVERTISE AND HAVE IT ON A RUNWAY if they did want to make it and sell it!!!!:evil:

    The manageer was really nice and said he would check on it with the paris office. But really!!!! I hate the "Bait and Switch" crap in these stores. Is there no way of getting this bag!!!??:cry: :cry: :cry:

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  2. Amazing Bag!!!
  3. Wow- that one's a beauty. Gorgeous!
  4. I would follow up with the manager and see if there is anything else that can be done in terms of tracking it down. What store is this? The manager said they wouldn't be getting it lambskin, are any other stores getting it? I hope you're able to find it!
  5. amazing bag... i am glad that the manager was honest. better to have happy dissaponted clients than unsatisfied angry ones i guess.
  6. The store is in NYC. I have to say one silly thing the SA looked like Katey Holmes.

    I saw the list of stores get the off white color and it was just NYC and Hawaii. All the other stores were getting Caramel.
    But no large. the Largest one is 1800.00
  7. Dont like
  8. Goodluck!
  9. I am in love with this bag!
  10. That bag is gorgeous...
  11. this bag is really growing on me. kepp me posted. good luck.
    so this is the large on the runway?
  12. Yes or the model is stick skinny.:lol:

    If I get it, i'll post it for sure. I've also looked in Barneys and asked about the edith. No go... They had B Bags, 2 colors Lavender and orangeish tan and many styles and size. Ididn't know it came in so many colors.:oh: :nuts:

    I also went to hermes. (I know, ever since this blog, i've been nuts about hand bags and especially kelly bag) there were lots of birkins but only one kelly, it was sort of black or dark brown with blue piping around the edge. I didn't dare to ask how much it was.

    I'm going back to barneys to check out the coop. They usually have interesting bags:nuts: :blink: :blink: :blink:
  13. That suck how they decided no to make the exact same as the run away bag! Whe we are already feeling anxious about the up coming Clandestine now it's like...BLEH..

    Did you happen to ask about the medium size one? They style kind of different. It doesn't have the side pockets. I am interested on getting the med one.
  14. Well, actually I did. They think that one would be a better item to sell. Since it won't be big enough to over stuff. I also watched the in store video and it's JUST BEAUTIFUL BAG!!! I think it will be a IT bag. It's so lovely with the lastest neutral and flowy fabric clothes designs. I LOVE BOTH SIZES:love: :love: :love: but I care so much stuff. Hmmmm I'm waiting for a email from the Sales manager.:oh:
  15. Pocketyee! Now you are getting me excited! I def want the med one in blush color!!! Could you PM me the number I can call so I can put my name on the waiting list? And did you find out about the prices too? :love: :nuts: :nuts: !! That's if you don't mind.:shame: