**The OMG i forgot just how much i LOVE this bag THREAD**

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  1. Ok, ladies (and gents), let's have a little fun!

    I know we ALL get caught up in the hype of what fall bags we're lusting after, planning PCE purchases, and going through our closets trying to weed out the bags we feel we can live without...

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with my collection. Not like I want to part with anything else at the moment, but more like I've got all these fantastic Coach bags stored away up in my closet that I truly, truly will NOT let go, yet they don't get used really, and yet I just want more and more new ones. Now I know alot of us suffer from this sort of insatiable Coach desire, so I'm definitely not alone in my feelings.

    I also realize that it's just not a reality to snap our fingers and buy a new bag every week/month, whatever, even when we really, REALLY want to...so....today I got up in my closet and pulled out a bag I bought last fall. I probably only carried it a handful of times, and haven't used it since I couldn't say when. Once I took this bag out of its dust bag, it was like I fell in love all over again. I might even love it more THIS year than I did when I bought it!!!

    Thought it would be fun to start a thread for those of us who are experiencing this same feeling: forgetting how much you REALLY DO love your almost forgotten about bags! and loving what we've already got.

    This isn't a challenge, like the ones before about wearing a different bag every day. This is just plain and simple: I forgot how much I love this bag! and want to share here.

    Post pics, everyone!

    Here's mine: Hamptons Leather Flap in Raisin :love:

    when she was new

  2. Love this thread! No pics, but I LOVE my camel ergo satchel!
  3. Oh i love that hamptons flap!!! Gorgeous bag.
  4. Great Thread! I have been tripping down memory lane a lot this week.

    Some of my beauties.

    Ergo Tote - Turquoise


    Soho Tote - Tobacco


    Jordana - Tan

  5. I love this thread emilybug! Great idea! Your Hamptons Flap is beautiful!

    tannedsilk, I love your Ergo Tote...it's gorgeous!
  6. LOL...this totally fit me today.
    I was in my purse closet trying to decide what to wear and I picked up my Chambray Highlight. Then I was like, naw...this is way too big.
    But maybe...Blue Jean Spotlight. I have not used this bag but *maybe* once so far this year, and it was earlier this year. But even if I didn't use it for 5 years, I still would never get rid of it, LOL!
    Since I was wearing blue jeans and had a heather gray VS shirt on (that has "PINK" in blue leopard print :graucho: ) I decided to wear it.
    Made me remember why I fell in love with it in the first place.
    It got so much lovely attention that I actually felt embarrassed. LOL! Nothing better to get an SA to come running.




    ETA: As you might have been able to tell, my pegasus charm is my fav, and I use it on almost every bag. LOL!
  7. Tannedsilk your Jordana is a beauty:drool:
  8. Oh wow, these bags are gorgeous!!

  9. Love the Spotlight! Beautiful!
  10. this one is so delicate. i always come up with excuses that it might get dirty, but she really needs to be used and seen. thank you emily for starting this thread, i've pulled her out of her dustbag and am going to do my bag changing ritual to use her for the weekend!

    large embossed champagne sophia:
  11. Thanks EB, just this week I decided to bring some older lovelies back into rotation. :biggrin:
  12. Great thread emily! I love to see people using "past season" bags and loving it :yes: i don't have any from coach to contribute but i can't wait too see more post :tup:

    Pickycoachlover wow i was never a sequin fan but that bag looks amazing
  13. You go girls! I love the idea of appreciating what we have instead of wanting more more more!
  14. What a nice thread Emilybug! I am overwhelmed with my collection just as you described! Want to appreciate and enjoy bags I got last fall! Pics tomorrow! Lovek the Hamptons collection!
  15. Reading this thread has made me want to go and brave my closet and start pulling out "oldies but goodies." :smile: