the olsens finally ditched the homeless look

  1. ugh01.jpg ugh02.jpg ugh03.jpg ugh04.jpg
  2. I love these girls but I don't like their makeup here.
  3. OMG:wtf: That green dress is hideous. Add the fur and that bag she schleps around EVERYWHERE and she looks like a mess. Then add her hair and make-up and she looks downright scary.

    These young ladies always looked so beautiful, YOUTHFUL, and healthy. Now they just look old beyond their years. Very sad.
  4. do her shoes even fit?
  5. Augh, sorry....they both look like death warmed over.
  6. These two need to gain a pound and get a new stylist. This is sad.
  7. how old are they now??
  8. Their clothes are to big, their shoes are to big, and their hair do is to old for them.:s
  9. They look like they are playing dress up.
  10. Damn. That is just so wrong for many reasons. Where do I start. I mean look at the fur....:wtf:

    Is that MK in the green. She looks like she got grey hair
  11. They look like little girls playing dress up in Mommy's closet. Yikes, they frighten me.

  12. That's what I thought! She looks like Minnie Mouse :lol:
  13. With all that money you would think they could buy some clothes and shoes that actually fit them.
  14. They look like they are wearing supersized Barbie clothes.
    Or rather Skipper wearing Barbie clothes.
  15. Look at her chest!!!