The Olsens are telepathic and frozen

  1. Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen Olsen have a telepathic bond.

    Ashley has revealed the identical twins can sense what the other is feeling
    and thinking, even when they are apart.

    She told Marie Claire magazine: “We both carry the weight of each other. Our
    bond is really beyond words. I know when she’s hurting, I know when she’s
    going through something. I know when she’s happy - whether I’m with her or

    Ashley graces the front page of the September issue of the magazine.

    Editor Joanna Coles was extremely impressed with how the 21-year-old star
    has coped with fame from such a young age.

    She said: “It’s incredibly cool that she’s come through everything that she
    has to be this very normal, grounded, sound young woman.”

    Despite their bond, it was revealed earlier this year that Mary-Kate will be
    breaking up their showbiz partnership to star in US TV show ‘Weeds’.

    Mary-Kate will play Tara, a devoted Christian teenager living in the
    religious community of Majestic who becomes the love interest of Silas, one
    of the central characters on the show.

    She will star in at least 10 episodes, her first major acting role without
    her sister.

  2. Awww...that's very sweet. I wish I had a similar bond to my sister!
  3. i think they are so cute.
  4. I think they're actually fraternal twins rather than identical twins.
  5. They are. Ashley is the oldest by 2 minutes I think.
  6. I've read that they have never had genetic testing so they're really unsure whether or not they are identical/fraternal. If you look at pics of their other siblings you'll notice a very strong family resemblance there too.
  7. There great intelligente woman. Mary Kate had her problems, but shes looking better. I hope they keep there head held up high.
  8. I remember that they were fraternal and not identical twins.
  9. I like this girls.
  10. I know I can feel it when my twin is in pain or severe emotional distress. As I grow older, however, these shared feelings seem to lessen. :sad:
  11. i still dont know which one is which
  12. I've always read that they are fraternal as well. They are adorable!
  13. I love the Olsen twins.
    Gosh, I always wish I had a twin.
  14. They have the most beautiful eyes.I would love to have a twin!
  15. I love the Olsen Twins. :biggrin: I admire how they've grown over the years.