the olsen twins' visit to the nyc b-bag store

  1. so, i was talking to my lovely SA today & she told me the twins were in this week to load-up on new b-bags!!!...she said they've got almost every style in every color ever made (craaaaaazeeeeee :P)...i'm dying to know what they got, but she wouldn't spill the beans :P...the conversation started when i told her how cute ashley looked with her big black weekender (posted 4 days ago by br00kelynx-girl)...the SA said she's teeny-tiny & light as a feather :flowers:
  2. cool! maybe we'll see them about with the new fall colors...
  3. oh wow!!! thats too cool!!! hehehe! i would love to be in the Balenicaga Store when the twins roll up... i'd hide around the corner and see what they pick up... BUT knowing them they'll probably get taken to a special room or something!
  4. Can you imagine just saying give me one of everything in every color? Those girls are livin large even though they're tiny!
  5. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. I love the Olsens! They're adorable.
  7. Do you think they got some bags for free?
  8. buy 20 get 1 free maybe?
  9. I am SURE they got bags for free -- what great advertising for them to be seen carrying them!
  10. oh I love that black work looks awesome on her....
  11. Bal NY must love the Olsens! I wonder what colors they pick up? I want to follow them too! :P
  12. man how i would love to be them. buying one of every color. i can't even begin to imagine their balenciaga collection between the 2 of them. i wonder if they share or have 2 of each!
  13. The black weekend does look really cute on her. Makes me think I need one too.
  14. what do you think they do with their old collections... with all their bags, for that matter? Imagine having a room full of bags! HEAVEN.
  15. Heaven, indeed! *drools like Homer Simpson:lol: *