The Olsen Twins the New Faces of BM

  1. BM is for Badgley Mishka. They look like little girls trying to play dress up in my opinion...:worried:

  2. Well..I am sure many people will agree with you, but I think they are simply stunning.
  3. i think they're stunning as well, and the makeup is perrrfect. love ashley's lipstick.
  4. Like the blue dress, the grey one not so much.
  5. Me too - I like the blue dress!
  6. I love them !!! and I like the blue dress alot.
  7. I'm undecided on this one!
  8. Love the blue dress! And I think it will just take some time to get use to the Olsen twins as the new faces of BM- they aren't exactly the standard for style & sophistication, but they look beautiful in the ad!
  9. I don't think I would have pictued them as the new faces of BM, but I think they pulled it off really well.
  10. I think they look fantastic- I love them!
  11. Stunning! The photo is great!
  12. Agreed!! They don't seem very womanly or sophisticated. It kind of looks like they're ready to go to Senior prom. If I were BM, I'd pick a more glamourous celebrity, like Halle Barry or something.
  13. Beautiful dresses :biggrin:
  14. The dresses are gorgeous, and surprisingly the Olsen twins look good.
  15. I like it! They look very glamorous.