The older I get, the less social I am...


Are you more or less social now?

  1. Bah humbug! The older I get, the less social I've become.

  2. Yippee! The older I get, the more social I've become.

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  1. at least in person cause I sure do socialize alot on here! When I was younger I was a total social butterfly. Now I really have to be in the mood to socialize in person. Anyone else like this? Or is it the opposite for you?
    Just curious. And bored.:sleepy:
  2. I was just discussing this with a friend at work today. My circle of friends is now very small (not that I complain, I like how close we are); but a few years ago I'd have a huge contact list on my mobile. I also find I don't even enjoy going out clubbing as much, when before, I'd be down at different clubs every single weekend.

    I guess I wore it all out very soon. Too much partying, drinking, meaningless conversations and "friendships". Not to mention dangerous situations and drama.

    I like who I am NOW much better. I still have fun and go out and get some drinks, only not as often and with company that's worth it. And yeah, I really have to be in the mood to socialise in order to. Sometimes I just want to be home alone reading or watching a movie. Two of my fave hobbies!
  3. I have always been a very solitary person, but since turning 40, I find myself more interested in socializing.
  4. I used to be more social than I am but as I have gotten older (43), I find my circle of friends to be smaller than what they were 20 years ago. We still talk and do the lunch, dinner and/shopping thing somtimes but we do not hang out as much.
  5. wow. you are my twin.
  6. I'd much rather go out with small groups of close friends now than when I was younger. It's not that I'm uncomfortable at a big party or a large group, in general. I'm just happier going out with another close couple, as we did tonight, to have dinner and talk. So I guess that's classified as becoming less social? Maybe?
  7. Yep, used to be very social, was always with friends. Now, I don't even want to answer the phone. I have a friend who I have known for 20 years who is the exact same, she lives 3 miles and while we talk on the phone a lot, we get together about 2 times a year.
  8. I've been a social butterfly all my life! But as I've gotten older I've become more confident and secure when I'm by myself, knowing it's OK to just "be" sometimes and not always be out or on the phone all the time.
  9. It really does depend on my mood. That goes for the IM's, forums and real live interactions. But, when I was younger I was a bit of a loner.
  10. Lol I'm the same way. When I was in elementary school I wasn't afraid to do anything, and made friends with just about everyone.
    Now I have a small but good group of friends I hang out with and that's all I need. I don't need a huge group of friends to be happy.
  11. This definitely sounds like me. There are times I'd rather be by myself. I keep myself entertained lol.
  12. i think the quality of my friendships has improved drastically!
  13. Yea, I find it's getting harder & harder for me to make friends these days..but I guess that's true for everyone or most people. It seems like when we're children, we'll be friends and talk to just about everyone. But now in high school it's different.
  14. ITA! I'd rather stay home in comfy pjs! I think by biggest outings are shopping (which I would rather do alone) and family dinner when I go on cooking strike!

    I don't get it either - maybe it's just "been there done that" with the going out/ bar / club / movies / museums / etc...or I'm just too tired from work. I often find that I have to talk to people all day at work and when I get home, I need "quiet time" and would rather interact with the computer than people IRL. :shrugs:
  15. ITA, when I was younger I was much more social...and hubby and I used to do a lot with friends, now we would rather stay home as not most times.