The Old Felt Sleeper predicament....

  1. WELL! Just got my "old" tan Hermes sleeper I won on eBay and.....guess what? I am pretty dang sure this puppy is FAKE! Yup! Here I was all excited because finally I was going to wrap my darling old Croc Kelly in a sleeper that befits her age and dignity and LOOK what happens! :huh:

    I wonder if there's anyone out there with an old felt sleeper who can tell me what in the world these babies are supposed to look like......'cause I sure don't think the one I'm lookin at is older than yesterday!

  2. I would think that it is the orange ones that would be faked. Post a pic of it so we can see it.
  3. shopmom, please post to show what it's like ... I'm just curious. Ignore me, if it's not such a good idea. K?
  4. Is the logo the wrong way round? The horse should be on the left, the coachman on the right.... ???
  5. Yep. And the top hem is "pinked" and not turned under........and isn't it supposed to be Felt?
  6. shopmom, i have a new old brown dustbag my SA gave to me two months ago- i went to look for it, as its folded up in tissue somewhere and of course a safe place is the worst place lol ill look for it tomoro- tired- work, those annoying odds and ends errands today- grabbed a 15 minute Fivebucks with my two good friends who work in my area...oops, I mean Starbucks...ha ha ha-
    hermesgroupie knows these bags well!!
  7. are you sure the person isnt just taking some weird "mirror' pic, or maybe they turned the pic around 180 and its opposite ways now? it would seem so stuid for them to go to all the troble to fake it and have everything be opposite, you know?

    ps..i never would have guessed that was your ebay name :P
  8. Oh Shopmom too awful -- it is hard to believe "they" are faking bags too but nothing is beyond imagining with counterfeiters.
  9. I say fill it (the sleeper in question) with centimes and beat them about the head and ears!
  10. I can go get mine...
  11. I'm back!

    Yep, it is really all backwards. The whole logo is all backwards. My bag also feels velveteen like.

    Sorry shopmom...I'd dispute it and get my money back if you paid by cc. I would also leave poor feedback.
  12. On my way, KB. Just emailed the seller but I'm going to dispute it with ebay and Paypal tonight.....ah well, someday I'll find a real vintage sleeper to put my baby in.

    Thanks all!!!!
  13. Shopmom, I've attached pics of mine for you to compare, I hope you'll be able to make use of them. The eBay one looks fake. Mine feels velvet you go.
    Duster1.JPG Duster2.JPG Duster3.JPG
  14. YEP!!!!!! Mine's 100% FAKEROOOOO!

    Thank you everyone! You've been so helpful.....I feel like an eBay BOOB!!!!