The old addage "when you have a bad time you tell 10".. Please read:

  1. Okay ladies and gents: My dog Logan has a nail-biting problem, in fact, it is so severe he has needed to be in a e-collar for the past 2 weeks because he has bit off 2 nails. To try and put an end to this situation I decided to buy him some boots that were designed for dogs who excessively lick and or bite at their feet: (mind you I run the shipping dept for my Company and use UPS daily) (oh, and my real name is Deirdra in case you get confused by my quotes)

    1 - I order booties from
    2 - I get a tracking number on Monday
    3 - Thursday comes and the number is still not active in the system
    4 - I send an email to the company asking if my package has been picked up by UPS, and inquiring if a tracer needs to be activated since it has been 3 days and no activity
    5 - I get this email back from them:
    Mind you I did that prior to emailing them and it says when you get a tracking number the order has shipped.

    I am taken aback and say:

    they then say back to me:

    So I say back:

    Okay - so long story short - who talks to people - customers that way????

    The website name is Hands N Paws and I hope that none of you EVER give your business to a company like this who takes orders for granted and have so much money and business that they don't care about their customers. Not to mention, you don't have to like me, but what did my dog ever do to you??? He needed those boots - oh, and NO JOKE - tonight he bit another toe nail off - I am not kidding!!

    Well - thanks for letting me rant - I think that none of us should support a company like this and the fact that they would type "lol" to me is ridiculous, who was responding to my question a 10 year old boy?

    ugh -
  2. :shocked: Totally unacceptable! Thank you for the heads-up, I will most certainly never buy anything from those people.

    OT, have you tried Drs. Foster and Smith? I have always had great experiences with them.
  3. OP: Maybe it's a disgruntled Customer Service person?
  4. OMGosh!! I can't believe that!! Such rude people nowadays. I will be saying away from them also.
    To add on to madamefifi, Drs. Foster and Smith are reputable and a good company to go through for pet supplies.
  5. Yes, why didn't I think to check Dr's first, I too have had only good experiences with them.

    Thanks guys, I just really needed to vent - I just found another nail that he (logan) has attacked this evening, even with the e-collar on. :cursing:

    I just think that it is not okay to tell people they are "bad" customers, and thought that they should be exposed for their foul customer service.
  6. Oh my, how rude!

    On the other topic, have you spoken to your vet about your dog's problem. My doggie used to do that. The vet told me it was because my dog was nervous being in a new surrounding. They said it was anxiety.

  7. My vet suspects he has allergies. I will be going tomorrow for a new e-collar, some salve, allergy pills, and more advice. :shame:
  8. :amazed: Ummm...I just don't even know what to say?! That's craziness! One poster did make a good point...IF it's not the owner...I would be quite certain the owner would want to know asap!:blink:
  9. i've had dreams where i've told a customer off. i wake up in a cold sweat, it's so tramatizing! i can't imagine speaking to anyone this way, especially someone who i'm doing business with. yikes. sorry this happened. karma will get them in the end.

    and i hope your doggie feels better!
  10. I am shocked!! That is so rediculous!! I wont be buying anything from them.
  11. I've never heard of anything so offensive when it comes to shopping, on-line, mail order or even in person! And in the meantime your poor doggie is suffering b/c this retailer hasn't sent his booties.

    I'd keep an eye on my credit card bill, just to make sure you're not charged after all.

    As was mentioned above, I've good luck with Drs. Foster and Smith, PetSmart and That Pet Place.

    Hope your baby feels better soon. (I have a nail biter dog, too, but it's just an odd bad habit she does when she's snuggled up in bed with me.)
  12. Thanks for the support guys. We have a vet appt today at 1 pm -

    As far as HandsNpaws in concerned; I shared the emails with my staff today and said that it should be a learning experience for us to remember that our words have long-reaching effects and that we should always answer our customers in a way that we ourselves would want to be answered.

    I think that the internet creates an environment where people feel less accountable for their actions; I am taking this experience as a platform to demand more accountability and compassion from myself when answering my customers questions. I guess, sometimes everything happens for a reason.
  13. Geez, what a wingnut owner--seriously, they thought that they would impress you with their use of the word "diatribe"......
  14. Wow. I'm quite shocked. I can't believe anyone would speak to a customer in that manner. That's amazing. . .
  15. Omg that's terrible. Are you goin to keep your order from them? I wouldn't want to give them any support! Surely there has to be another place to get the booties...