The **Officier** Club

  1. Hey!
    Please join the club and post up your Officier goodies!

    I guess I'll be first to introduce my Officier PT with GSH.


  2. Love the Officier! Thanks for opening this thread for us. :smile:

    I'm waiting for my Officier PT as well,
    hopefully I could join the club soon!!
  3. Here's my officier SGH city!

    DSC03229.JPG DSC03226.JPG
  4. Officier Twiggy. Great color and beautiful bags, ladies!

  5. Beautiful bags, ladies~

  6. I have three Officier bags now - RH Weekender, RH Part Time, SGH Mid Day - and I love them all!!




  7. Here is my GSH Officer Day!!

  8. juldoc: I love your ever expanding Officier family! :tup:

    ejsc55: Nice distressing on the bag. :heart:
  9. Thanks Phathoe!! I really LOVE this color!!!
  10. Count me in:yahoo:.


    Using my iphone to capture the image thus pic quallity is not the best....:oh:
    off.jpg officier.jpg
  11. This isn't a great picture, but oh well!

  12. [​IMG]:biggrin:
  13. I'm in!
    Officier Twiggy 016.jpg
  14. :ps:
  15. officier courier