the official sketches and colors of Balenciaga Autumn/Winter 06/07

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  1. I received the attachment from a supplier in Italy on Jan. 24, and was thinking it would be better seeking you ladies' advice before pre-ordering.

    But, but, but....I was too excited to notice that the deadline for orders was actually yesterday!!! I am totally screwed!!!!!:sick:

    Yet, I still want to share this with you all. At least we will have some idea about how B bags will look like this Autumn/Winter:lol:
    DSC04015.JPG DSC04016.JPG DSC04017.JPG DSC04020.JPG
  2. I like those fall colors. I'm a fall bag kind of gal!
  3. Oh my gosh, fall 06 colors already?! That was fast. How'd you get to be the lucky bunny to get these attachments? Are you a buyer?
  4. not familiar with the colors, seems like french pronunciation or what. My native language is not English nor French:shame: The only two I know for sure is Noir=Black & Blanc=White. What about the rest of them?

    Truffe (is this similar to the color of truffle?:shame: )
    Bleu Roi
    Rouge Vif
    hard to tell from the pic...:wacko:
  5. The Rouge Vif swatch looks :love: so does the Grenat.
  6. Yes. Actually i just started an online-store selling designer handbags to my friends and their friends, things like that. I really feel lucky to find this supplier. They had many wonderful stuff and most of them are new in season.

    But haven't ordered from them yet, coz I feel I still do not know much about bags:shame: That is why I want to stuck with this forum:lol:
  7. The wonders of babelfish :lol:

    Grenat = garnet (like a deep deep red?)
    greige = didn't translate, I'm guessing greyish beige (that is the color of plain undyed fabric which is called greige goods)
    Sapin = fir tree (dark green??)
    truffe = truffle like the earthy fungus??
    Bleu roi = blue king ?? Perhaps like royal blue or something...
    Rouge vif = sharp red

    Thanks for sharing by the way =)

    This is breaking news for the Balenciaga forums ^_~
  8. Seems like everywhere around the world, Red is quite a popular color.

    Read an article about the waiting list for Paddington in Taiwan, people waited for half a year to get the Red (oh, I guess, the Rouge Vif:biggrin: ) Paddington. I couldn't find it anywhere online in the States neither. Must be well worth the waiting...sigh...Those who have them are the real lucky bunnies:cry:
  9. You are sooooo sweet!:nuts:
  10. Omg... I want the rouge and the truffle colors!! :love: The grenat looks very close to bordeaux from last season. Thanks joyfish!! Please keep us up to date with new info. :amuse:

    CeeJay is going to go nuts with these new colors. :lol:
  11. Making you ladies go nuts is my ultimate responsibility:lol: :lol:
  12. Well, the RED color is considered to be "good luck" in Asian culture so hence the popularity.
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