The Official Selena Gomez thread

  1. Whoever does her extensions do a great job! They always look really natural and thick and pretty.
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  3. Wtf is she wearing?
  4. Her outfits have been odd lately. I saw pics of her and Justin the other day when they were in Hawaii last year and she looked probably the best I've ever seen hee look then.
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  6. My eldest daughter (9) really loves her
  7. Her shoes look good but eh not too sure about the shorts? they kind of look like pj ones.
  8. i know! i thought i noticed she looked a bit fuller in the pics, could just be the clothes, but it doesnt really matter!:smile: she looks lovely!
  9. I think her hair extensions are Great Lengths Hair Extensions.
  10. Those shorts are waaaaay to short.
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  12. Selena Gomez leaves an office building in LA:

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  15. Idk about her style lately...