The Official "Returned Amarante" Thread!!

  1. LOL!! Okay, ladies, I know I am a bit nutso but...I returned my Amarante wallet AND the keyholder too!! :wtf:

    OMG...the fingerprints were driving me nuts! :push::push: I tried soooo hard to ignore them and just keep wiping the things, but I thought I was just gonna throw it out the window!!! Akkkk!!!!:tdown:

    So...who else has returned or is going to return Amarante?
  2. Well, I guess it's a good thing I don't love it yet.
  3. Oh no, that's too bad. I bought the zippy and cles and so far plan to keep them, lol.
  4. Ohhh not good...:sad: I hope I can stand it somewhat because I definitely want a sunset boulevard as a clutch...
  5. I just recieved the amarante ludlow from elux today and I am having mixed feelings about it. I think I may return it for a framboise ludlow. I too am not fond of the fingerprints
  6. Thanks for letting us know!
    You better change your sig now! :p
  7. After drooling over everyone's pics, I made a trip to the nearest LV. It truly is a gorgeous color IRL. However, all the smaller pieces I looked at had TONS of fingerprints, even the bags! (As everyone wanted to take a closer look at them). I pass on this one. Pomme is still my ultimate fav.

  8. I think a bag would be better than an accessory because you don't have to touch it as much! LOL!!

    The color is really dark and flat too unless your in the sunlight I noticed and man oh man if you touch it...forget it!! Those fingerprints are aweful!
  9. I'll be passing on this one too the pics on here in daylight and with flash look good but in store I wasn't impressed I'll stick with pomme & framboise while it lasts
  10. Aw I'm sorry.
    I'll take them all lol, I'm in love with this color! :love:
  11. Sorry you had this problem. I am glad that you told us. That would drive me crazy too. I will have to think about this when I go shopping this week. I live pretty far from Lv so it would be a real pain if I had to return it. So thank you for your honesty.
  12. I bought an Inclusion and Ludlow is doing just fine, I haven't really noticed any fingerprints on it, but I was looking for them either.

    I'm happy with my purchase.
  13. awww, thats too bad!!
  14. I been using my key holder since I got her last week and the fingerprints don't bother me. I love the color to much. Hopefully I still feel the same way after I begin using my Reade PM.
  15. I have the sunset clutch and I love it!! The fingerprints dont bother me...