The Official Prince William & Catherine (Kate) Thread

Jan 25, 2010
It’s an amazing portrait. The way her dress shines it’s like a photograph. Must be very hard to do with paint.

W looks good, like himself, but I’m not a big fan of C’s likeness. Something is off….I think her nose is too big? Her face looks masculine. Wish he would have made her more feminine and/or with a softer expression. I like the pose though.
I agree with you, there's something not quite right about the nose, but I do think it's a good portrait.

Like everyone, I'm intrigued by the dress she choose here. Normally in these historic images she chooses soemthing classic - thinking of her wedding dress and her engagement photos and her first portrait..all clothing that doesn't date, whereas this piece is very trend-driven. I'm curious if it's actually the dress she wore before - I know light can do strange things but this looks like real, not deep green. And the Manolos are a totally different colour to the dress.

Absolutely loved the ensemble in Cambridge today.
Jan 25, 2010
I’ve never been a fan of this dress but I like the simplicity of the portrait and that Kate isn’t loaded down with jewelry. I can’t even imagine what TW would think was appropriate attire for an official portrait. It would be over the top expensive and ill- fitting of course.
She's wearing a lot of jewellery for her- brooch, earrings, bracelet. I don't even think the brooch is necessary, but I like that there's a nod to the Queen, to a former Duchess of Cambridge and to Diana.


Mar 28, 2020
Kate surprises onlookers by drinking beer and kicking football in heels on day out
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge played football, drank beer and ate chocolate at the first ever Cambridgeshire County Day at Newmarket Racecourse on Thursday afternoon

Wedges moreso than heels. The espadrilles are back.

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How does she keep them so clean?