The Official Prince William & Catherine (Kate) Thread

Beautifully dressed, as always. The earrings are lovely, rather Art Deco in style and very flattering on Catherine. :heart:
I had a look for the earrings. The Chalk Jewellery site was really struggling and that style was sold out (ofc)! I did manage to buy some others later on. Lovely designs.
May 23, 2006
Washington, D.C.
In the portrait Kate wears the emerald green Vampire's Wife gown she wore while on a visit to Ireland in 2020.

“She also wears a brooch first owned by another Duchess of Cambridge – Augusta, who married Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, a son of George III. Adolphus and Augusta’s granddaughter, Queen Mary, inherited the brooch and passed it on to her own granddaughter, The Queen.”


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