The official Prada Gauffre ad

  1. August Vogue Magazine

    Love it!!! It's the version that Halle Berry and Beyonce wear. :girlsigh:

  2. what's with the sour face?
  3. Caption: "They just told me I won't be keeping this bag".
  4. It's really refreshing, I loove it.
  5. All the Prada models are kind of looking like that in this campaign:shrugs:
  6. This bag retails for 2450 and I was told it is not in yet.
  7. ^ it is in......BUT its too big..even for me..LOL....
  8. $2,450?!?!?! :wtf:

    It is kind of big. It looks more like a travel bag to me but Beyonce wears it EVERYWHERE!

    Does anyone know if that particular style comes in different sizes? I would consider a medium or small version of that same bag.
  9. C'mon, once you buy an Oversize Muse, nothing's too big! And big bags are "in" for fall. I like it!!! Don't like the price so much, though.
  10. This might be the one I purchased yesterday...but I can't tell for sure...will post pics tomorrow...BTW...I purchased it (or something similar) in black with silver hardware...
  11. I am on the waitlist for this bag. The price is killing me. It looks huge but Beyonce and Halle seem to handle it just fine. Will have to wait and see IRL.
  12. i just paid 2650 for mine..its so worth regrets..The frame one is HUGE.....
  13. ^^ Ooh can you post pictures please
  14. There's another version of this bag without the zip. And Madonna wears her with the strap. Among the hottest fall/winter item. :supacool:
  15. I'm starting to get a bit upset with mine. The gold paint on my precious gauffre (mine is the beckham version) is peeling! The store manager agreed that this is a manufacturing defect. He told me to paste plastic on it or apply nail varnish on the gold paint. I'm thinking of buying a gold pen to draw the lines back! Lol.