The Official "I-Have-No-Pomme and/or Heart Purse" thread...

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  1. Perhaps you got screwed out of yours...:cursing:
    Maybe you aren't a fan...:yucky:
    Maybe you can't afford it...:push:

    Maybe you're still undecided...:s

    In any case...
    here's a thread dedicated to us. :yes:


    As suggested by the lovely Photoobsessive :smile:
  2. woohoo! first member!
    (totally cant afford it!)
    love it to bits though!
  3. I'm still undecided. I did not waitlist and figure if I happen to go in to the boutique and one is available then perhaps I'll get it. I love seeing everyone's though. They are very beautiful.
  4. I'm just not that into it. Love a lot of the other valentine's/red items though.
  5. A little plus...

    I mentioned to my BF that I was really bummed about what had happened with the heart purse thing. He was like... WHAT? I showed him heart purse a long time ago, and turns out he was planning on going to LV tomorrow to get me one from LV for Valentine's Day. He didn't understand the whole limited edition, need to be on a list to get one pretty much thing... so he wouldn't have been able to get one... but it still made me smile that it was his plan.

    Especially since he's definitely not in any way wealthy... he and his family immigrated here from another country with $nothing$, and he's worked to put himself all the way through school thru his PhD and is now planning on med school which he'll have to pay for himself... all of that has of course made him very frugal... to think he'd pay that much for a dumb (but beautiful) little heart purse definitely made my crappy day better!
  6. I can't get a piece because I'm a guy. :sad:

    The Pomme color is SO hot!
  7. Why not!? ;)
  8. Oh no I'm going to have survivor's guilt LOL :yes:
  9. Just cannot afford it, beautiful pieces though.
  10. I'm in... I just don't have the money now... but I really want a Pomme d'Amour Reade PM and an MC heart!!!
  11. I don't have one either:crybaby:
    I probably have enough money to get one heart coin purse, but I didn't put my name on the waitlist at all. It's kind of pricey for a coin purse. I love it, but I would need to pass it. (but I really want one....)
  12. That brought a tear to my eye :crybaby: . In the end its the little things like that that bring the true smile to your face.
  13. I don't have a heart or envelope either... I put myself on 4 different wait lists and didn't get a call back:crybaby:

    But tomorrow I'm going to LV to see if they have something else in the pomme!:graucho:
  14. i declined an offer when i was in Sydney yesterday. very cute, but what would i do with it? :s
  15. ...sell it to me. >.<