The Official Hot Flashers Thread (aka: Menopause & Over 50 Health Issues)

  1. Well, between the cold flashes and hot flashes sleeping is gone. Start off trying to get warm, fall asleep. Then I spend much of the night with my head hanging out the window trying to cool off.

    Throw in migraines, chin hair, gas, confusion, stress incontinence, dizziness, irritability. Aren't I fun to be around??? When does this end? Late 40's.

    Yep so I buy a bag or look for the "perfect bag" to maintain my sanity.
  2. Dizziness??? So that's part of this TOO???? :nuts: I wondered if I were going nutz with this occasional dizzy stuff...'sigh'

    PP, I had surgery for my bilateral CTS about 4 years ago. Best thing I ever did. ;)
  3. So... how do we speed up our metabolism?

    There are many celebrities and actresses who are our age and did not get fat (non of them got fat, although not as skinny as they once were, they are definitely not heavy).. what do you suppose they are doing or using? Is there anything?
  4. ^^^liposuction.
    Everyone I know is getting thick around the middle. They can be in perfect shape & yet this thickness around the waist area.
  5. That's another thing I found when I was doing some research. In addition to time making our arses fatter (to protect our hips from fractures), our waists also go away.

    My own theory, combined with my research, is that it's all tied in with the fact that our bodies no longer can make babies: so there's no longer a need to attract men (for mating purposes anyway). Let's face it, another of the many things that change after menopause is that our sex drive evaporates. Makes sense if you think about it on a purely biological level. Why would our bodies crave sex when we are no longer capable of making babies?

    Just my 2 cents (and a lot of research) worth. ;)
  6. God this is so true! I weigh the same as I did 20 years ago, but my legs are skinnier and my middle is bigger :yucky:
  7. But how can we speed up our metabolism? Everything has slowed down.
  8. I'm really happy for you. :hugs:

    Unfortunately after 30+ year in the rehab field, I've seen sooooooooooo many botched CTS surgeries that I'm sticking with cortisone shots! My hand surgeon keeps reminding me that at some point I'll probably have to go the surgery route but, as I told him, as long as the cortisone holds out, I'll pass!
  9. So then can I say I have a fat belly because I'm in menopause? Then maybe I can stop obsessing over it lol

    I asked my doctor about the Estroven. His response was "lets focus on getting you into remission". Easy for him to say. He isn't walking through Target weighing the positives and negatives of killing someone for not moving fast enough :lol:

    Right now I think the most embarassing thing is the... um... hair growth. I will be looking in the mirror and all of a sudden see this thick brown hair on, like, my cheek. WTH is that? I feel like I'm Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf...

    PradaPsycho Thank you, though I'm not sure its a class I want to be at the head of :lol: jk... it was going to happen eventually... at least now I can go through it with my mom (which, I have to say, is the WEIRDEST thing to try bonding over, especially at my age)

    boxermom That's the best part of all this... the one positive. No periods. I don't have to look at a calendar when I want to wear white pants lol

  10. If you find a way to do it, PLEASE let me know!!! I'd kill for a bacon double cheeseburger, double order of fries and a chocolate milkshake!!! :hysteric:
  11. Yep. That would be the reason, but it's more thickness than "fat" exactly. For example when I was in my 20's, I used to be a perfect 36/24/36. Childbirth pushed the waist to 28 inches, even though I lost all the pregnancy weight/fat. Now my waist size isn't that far behind the measurement of my boobs. Curiously, I'm taking my boobie measurements at about the same location as my WAIST these days. :lolots:

    Easy for him to say indeed. It's the "him" part of that which pretty well sums up things....

    Isn't that the WORST??? I did battle with facial hair when I hit adolescence. Spent a fortune on electrolysis, which cleared up the worst of it. Fast forward a few decades: the only place I DON'T have hair is the bald spots at my both temples!!!! I never dreamed I'd ever be contemplating having a FULL FACE WAXING!!!! :faint:
  12. :lol: Right there with ya. I wish I could blame it on menopause, but those puppies started heading south way too early. They're like gym socks filled with sand; tired of tripping over them when I get in the shower. I'm quite sure that if I got a boob lift I'd drop 2 pants sizes.

    No kidding. And it's embarassing. I'm always wondering if other people can see it... like if the light hits it a certain way and I missed it on one of my tweezing parties.... how mortifying that would be.
  13. Ladies, I'll say one thing, the world would be a much more peaceful place if menopausal women ruled. The rest of the population would be scared sh!tless to do anything wrong.

    Purseaddict - I've got this mental picture of all of us meeting at Target. That would be scarey!!!!

    As far as the hairs, why do they grow so fast? One minute I don't have one and the next, it's 2 inches long!!
  14. Both hands for me. I put it off and put it off and finally did my left hand to see how it went... since I'm right handed. It went very well - then I felt comfortable doing my right hand too. What a relief from the pain!
  15. I'd kill for a full meal - real food, not garbage. I'm not starving myself but I wish I could eat more.