The Official Hot Flashers Thread (aka: Menopause & Over 50 Health Issues)

  1. We, The Members of tPF's Over The Hill Gang, need our own thread to chat about health issues for the over 40's among us and there are LOTS of us!

    If you're under 40, please join in! The waters are fine and you'll be here soon enough yourself. ;)

    This is not to replace the For Us Ladies Over 50 thread over on the beauty forum, but more specifically to chat about the health issues that affect our age group.

    :party: OK Red Hatters! Fire Away! :party:
  2. ARggggh - hot flashes!!! Losing weight after 50, confusion, dry skin, etc....

    Thanks for the thread PP!!!! I am about to take my hair short again because I can't stand for my head to sweat!! lol My AC is set on 68 and I freeze my DH out.
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    I almost consider most of you lucky losing your d*&n periods; the women in my (mother's) family do not go into menopause until near 60. On the plus side, there is no osteoporosis or heart disease in the women in our family

    Make it stop! Make it stop!:pout: I am so sick of it! 53 and still going strong and completely regular (and vicodin-level cramps and Poise pads at night if I'm not on the pill - I stay on it cuz of that) On the pill for most of the past 40 years!!!!!! Tried to stop last year and the Monster came back full force.
  4. I have to admit I started this for purely self-serving reasons, kroquet. In 11 more days (April 30) I'll be officially MENOPAUSAL!!!! Woot!!! That's the one year mark since my last monthy annoyance. People I know (especially the younger ones, but even some of the older ones) think I'm crazy for wanting to CELEBRATE MENOPAUSE, but I say it's crazy NOT to!!!

    Sure, we have the wretched hot flashes and such, but think of all that we DON'T HAVE!!! No more PMS, no more midnight tampon runs, no more MIDOL, no more cramps, bloating, sore boobies!!! And the list goes on!!!

    :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:

    For all the jokes I make about being an Old Fart, I LOVE BEING OVER 50!!!
  5. So was I! I was 53 when I had my last period, but as you see above, I'm 54, so don't give up hope. My running joke for years was that I'd be the only 100 year old woman at the drugstore with TAMPONS in her shopping basket!! :mad:
  6. I'm IN! :yahoo:

    I need help with my moods! I go from being ok one minute to a raving, raging ***** from hell the next. I have no patience any more, (not that I had that much to start) and I'm HOT ALL THE TIME! HAHAHA
  7. Speaking of menopause and such, what are you guys doing in the way of holistic/herbal alternatives to HRT? I could write a very, very, VERY long sermon about the evils of HRT and the benefits of natural supplements, but I won't go there. I know there are some medically indicated reasons for HRT, but the majority of us simply don't need to put those drugs in our bodies.

    I've been taking Estroven Extra Strength since January (when my night sweats were totally depriving me of sleep and I began to look and act like Linda Blair in The Exorcist). I've been thrilled with the results, but it did take a good 6 weeks to really kick in. I also have been using natural progestrone cream from Emerita for the past 8 or 9 years. That was really helpful in the peri-menopausal phase.

    Any tricks/tips/products you guys want to sing the praises for?

    Edit Note: Grace123, TRY ESTROVEN!!! :yahoo:
  8. Well I started a little bioidentical treatment which works in conjuction with my thyroid treatments. I did find a bit of a change in my energy levels so far and I'm going to get my levels retested in May. I go to a 'real' doctor for this, a female gyno who's also very skilled in hormone therapy and while I won't do traditional HRT, so far this has been beneficial. The treatment involves 2 creams which I use daily, much like you'd buy at the drugstore only more potent.

    Time will tell if I keep it up. :smile:
  9. Estroven has a version for energy, too. Ask your gyno about adding that to your regime. I have to say that *I* had no energy before adding Estroven to my supplements, but that was BECAUSE I WAS GETTING NO SLEEP!! :hysteric:

    Now that I'm sleeping again, my energy level is fine. Funny how that works. ;)
  10. So glad you started this! I'm in. I quit the neurontin after 2 months. 2 pills a day worked, but it made me brain dead. i seriously could not get words out. they would be in my mind, i could see them and know them but they just would not translate to my mouth. so now i am on nothing and every night around 7 pm i will start to flash. Since it is not hot temp. wise yet, i am not concerned, esp. since i have other health issues to resolve first.
  11. No! No ! No! Consider it good to have your period. I loved having my period, as annoying as they were... every health issue I ever had started when my periods stopped. And my periods stopped very, very late.
  12. OMG, yes! Weight Loss after 50??? Good grief!!! I need some tips BADLY!!!

    I've been not so much a diet, but a nutrition plan to knock off some weight. After three MONTHS I've barely lost NINE POUNDS!!! Not that I'm complaining, I'll take 9 less pounds!

    What kills me is that when I was in my 20's and 30's I could lose 9 pounds in THREE WEEKS without even trying very hard. I even religiously walk with my dog for 25 minutes every single day (unless it's pouring rain), so it's not like I don't get any exercise.

    Not that I would ever take the stuff, but I'm getting to the point that I'm paying attention to Hydroxycut commercials. :wtf:
  13. I second the Estroven!!! I don't know who came up with the name hot "flash", if it only "flashed" it wouldn't be so bad. My flashes could last for hours.

    Almost forgot...Thank you for starting this thread, Prada Psycho!
  14. I have a sister that turned 50 last year. She intentionally stays on birth control pills so she WILL have (what she thinks are) periods. I keep telling her that "bleeding" once a month doth not a period make, but she's having a hard time (emotionally) with the idea of getting older. She figures as long as she's bleeding once a month, she's not "old" but it just doesn't work that way.

    I suspect she's already menopausal, but she'd have to ditch the pills to find that out and she hasn't done it yet. I'm wearing her down with my lectures though, so time will tell. ;)
  15. Thanks for starting this Elaine. However, I don't even know where to begin. I just turned 52 and I am nearing my one year mark for not having a period. This with my thryoid problems really has me not sure what to do anymore. I feel like such a mess all the time. I'll save the rest of my health issues for another post. LOL

    I have to attend a HIPAA/OSHA class, so I'll post again later. LOL Bye girls!