The official EVA LONGORIA style thread

  1. Thanks Ella for starting this thread!
    I love Eva's style! I think she has great taste and she always dresses appropiate for the event and for her age...
  2. Her bag is adorable
  3. I love the boots and the sweater!! (altho I'd probably add a pair of leggings or tights!;))

  4. :yes:
  5. Eva Longoria - Joyful Noise Premiere in Los Angeles
    image-1412168896.png image-4238136858.png
  6. Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz shopping at the Grove in Beverly Hills
    image-1873602025.png image-2053130343.png
  7. Eva Longoria - 2012 Black & White Ball at Aria Resort in Las Vegas
    image-2011767606.png image-2082866122.png
  8. Another picture from the ball. She looks so elegant in her outfit.
  9. Oops - here it is.
  10. LAX today.