The official color swatches for f/w 2013!!!!

  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1369437858.761004.jpg

    Courtesy of the best sa ever Marie at crystals in Vegas!!!
  2. Not really feeling it...Kind of boring. Maybe beige nougatine or gris glacê.
  3. Am I looking at gris ciment, rose bombon, cumin and curry? except the first 2, the rest look repeated (again)
  4. does this violet look like the same shade they released last year ir is it lighter?
  5. Thanks for the intel! I have been waiting for it :smile:
  6. Thank you for sharing.
    I like violet and red.
  7. The only colour I'm excited about is Beige Nougatine, it looks a little less orange and more neutral than Cumin. I've been dying for a tan Bal for a long time!
  8. Oohhh, Rouge Cardinal looks interesting :graucho:

    Thanks for posting!
  9. ..and ultraviolet :graucho:;)
  10. I'm liking ultraviolet :smile: (But then again - I do have a thing for purple/violet)
  11. Oooh I wouldn't mind a Folk in Cigare Fonce .
  12. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in ;)
  13. Received one too and the beige looks slightly lighter here - beautiful!

    But I find most colours similar to past seasons though...nothing extremely 'wow' or exciting for me :sad:

  14. yey for the new beige :woohoo: I've been waiting for this season to come up so I can go see Day in that colour and possibly buy it then :tup:
  15. I'm quite interested in the Ultraviolet :smile: