The Official BV-Purchase-Justification Library

  1. 80) It's part of inheritance for my daughter
  2. (81) Because I'm currently working on a pro bono project so I deserve a "little" reward. :p
  3. 82. Because I need a reward for losing 14 pounds.
  4. 83. Because it deserves a good owner like me!
  5. 84. Because in the mid 70's I saw a movie called American Gigolo with Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton. (Yes....I'm old.) She was carrying a red BV clutch, although I did not know it at the time. I don't remember how I found out it was BV (which I had never heard of at that point). All I knew was that I wanted one.

    85. Oddly enough, now that I am somewhat of a minimalist, BV fits right in with both my philosophy and aesthetics: Keep the best and get rid of the rest....a house is not meant o be a landfill......

    86. Because I can't afford to live at the beach. BV is my current luxury.

    87. Because I'm getting older (62) and someday I will die. My BV opportunity will then be over.
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    88. What the hell....I just wanted one, so I bought four. So far.

    89. They go perfectly with my last obsession....Elsa Peretti jewelry.

    90. Why not?
  7. Well said on all counts ^ ... & re: the point of transitions / post-mortems ... I know part of my rationale for every BV purchase is that I don't want to have any regrets or missed opportunities once Tomas Maier inevitably, one day (but not now, thank goodness) isn't BV's artistic leader. BV & T.M. are - to my mind - the perfect match.
  8. 91. My son liked the color

    92. It's hard to find clothes my size in Asia (size 6 US) but at least bags always fit

    93. Because its there
  9. Totally valid reason - congratulations are in order :yahoo:

    Quite right, sometimes I really do think that with some (even non-BV) vintage bags

    84. I didn't know that. Not only will I now have an excuse to watch the movie :p but that's BV history right there.

    85. I shall try to remember that (the landfill bit)

    86. :tup:

    87. A justification at any age :woohoo:
  10. and hermes are always too heavy to carry :smile:
    BV is more comfortable
  11. I guess we're on...

    89. Because I've lost 47 pounds.
    90. If I don't buy it now, it won't be available next season.
    91. Nobody else, in my living memory, has ever made this perfect shade of yellow* and never will again.
    92. Because I don't live in the moment, but in the future, and I'll need this next Spring**.

    *Substitute your color of choice
    ** and your season of choice