The Official BV-Purchase-Justification Library

  1. 43. Because the SAs in the Chicago store treat me like gold, even though I haven't bought that much.
    44. Because it's ON SALE.
    45. Because my files deserve to travel in style (thinking about getting a BV briefcase).
  2. 46. Because what better way to conquer my fear of sharks than to have a shark skin cocker on my arm?
  3. 47. Because I sometimes work 6-7 straight 12 hr days a week and I DESERVE the most beautiful bag in the world!
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. speaking of skins of sharks and lamb...

    48. I am a lamb... (Asian zodiac)
  6. 49. My landlord doesn`t allow pets, but I still need to cuddly with something reeeaaaallly soft

    50. Because Reese Witherspoon wears BV as Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde"
  7. Oh, yes. . . I love the feel of the leather on the outside and the suede on the inside. Yummy. :heart:
  8. 51. It was on sale and the color matches the leather interior of my car!

    52. It's so lightweight that I can still shlep all of "essentials" without throwing out my back!

    52. Petting and stroking my BV in public won't throw me in the slammer :supacool:
  9. 54. They look, feel, and smell amazing. They stimulate my senses.
  10. the smell, yes the smell!

    55. since they're not trendy and are built to last forever, i can carry them right to the nursing home and be the most fashionable granny on the block!

    56. if, god forbid, i get tired of them or i need the cash, you can get good resale value on eBay (i know this from experience).

    57. BV lovers aren't snobby or crazy like other brands (which will remain unnamed) and they're just cool!

    58. paris hilton doesn't have one (but lindsay lohan does -- you can't win 'em all)
  11. 59. Because if I didn't buy it then Mr. Visa would have nothing to write to me about. And Mr. Mastercard would have to declare bankrupcy.

    60. Because my fiancee thinks they cost half what they do and who am I to argue?

  12. :roflmfao:
  13. 61.Because it is pure luxury and makes me feel pampered (admittedly self-pampering)
    62. Because the bag matches the shoes I bought to match the belt I got to match the key ring that goes with the get my drift
    63.Because the limo looks fab with a tan (so does ebano for that matter)
  14. Bumping this old thread up because it looks likes so much fun. Be sure to read the first 63 reasons...lots of amusement!

    #64 Because you have to get something for your birthday.
  15. 65. Because we all need to stimulate this economy.