The Official BV-Purchase-Justification Library


Jan 16, 2007
Please contribute to this list which will hopefully grow and arm the rest of us with a battery of reasons why our growing BV collection needs one more. Please continue the numbered list, so we can see how many we come up with! (Note: the reasons do not necessarily have to pertain to your personal situation but can be hypothetical) I will start:

1. The quality of the leather is unsurpassed
2. It's more affordable than Hermes
3. The intercciatto weave is hand-made and very specialized
4. I just sold my (insert "trendy" brand name here) bags so I could find something that does not scream designer
5. I decided not to buy my car till next year
6. I just broke up with my boyfriend so I deserve a treat
7. My boyfriend/fiancee/husband cheated on me
8. The SA's know so much and it helps validate my decision in investing in this brand
9. My dog ate my other leather bag
10. They come up with great new colors every season
11. They have outlets so I can splurge on more items
12. I was unable to get a refund so I now have to get another one
13. Bluefly saves me 20% so why not
14. BV is not as well-known but more exclusive
15. The bags are feather-light compared to the Chloe bowling bag-like counterparts which actually feel like the (bowling) ball is included with purchase
16. I happen to love fettucine (just saw this in the trivia thread, how cool the name)
17. I have too much money
18. I don't have enough money and this is a good investment
19. Craftsmanship is superb
20. The Ebano compares to no other brown in the universe
21. I will wear it forever
22. I don't have a boyfriend/fiancee/husband to splurge on for holidays and birthdays so this allows me for at least 2-3 more bag purchases a year


May 3, 2007
23. I need different color bags to go with different color outfits.

24. I need different material bags to go with the different seasons.

25. I need different style of bags for different occasions.



Sep 11, 2006
26. The residents of this fashion wasteland need to see something elegant and exquisitely crafted to aspire toward, so they'll reconsider their shudder-inducing purchases the next time they're standing in the checkout line at Sears' clothing department (oh, how I wish this were an exaggeration).


Jul 17, 2006
27. Cos I'm worth it :queen:
28. The leather smells SOOOO good!
29. Cos you can never have too many cute accessories
30. No one has as fabulous a range of pinks as BV from Spring/Summer 2007 :love:

ms piggy

special breed
Oct 7, 2006
31. So I could endlessly caress the buttery soft leather

32. So I could endlessly sniff the awsome smell of the leather

33. So I could have the most out-of-this world purple pink - Old Petra


Apr 28, 2007
27. Cos I'm worth it :queen:
28. The leather smells SOOOO good!
29. Cos you can never have too many cute accessories
30. No one has as fabulous a range of pinks as BV from Spring/Summer 2007 :love:

TOTALLY agree with each one of the above! :yes:(i thought i was the only BV leather sniffer here, heehee)
and i second bunkie, it's more affordable than hermes and the SAs not nearly as snotty.


Dec 11, 2006
36. Tomas Maier is an artist and I support the arts.
37. Knowing words such as "intrecciatio" will help me should I ever need to converse with an Italian weaver.

:smile: and

38. Cause Tomas Maier must be the only designer coming from this area in Germany so I have to support him just based on that.
39. the bags look so soft and buttery that I can replace the piece of cake I would otherwise indulge in - so my hips like it!!!!