The Official Botkier & Team Discussion Thread

  1. We just put up some exciting new Sale bags on our website! Lots of beauties and brights from Holiday Resort. Check it out here -
    We'll extend an extra 20% off the sale price if you use this code at checkout BTKLASTCALL.
    Spread the word, this code was only posted here for the new items! xoMB
  2. Hi! I've been a long time fan (I have more than 10 botkiers right now!)!

    - It would be great if you could show alternate views of the product on your website, and all the available colors. I can't buy anything off of it along (and always need to go elsewhere) to see the interior, how wide it is, etc. Particularly helpful are shots that show the size of the bag (eg they have a normal size person, or a hand in the picture).

    - The essex clutch - please come back!!!

    - More shiny silver hardware (I love the gunmetal, please continue!)!!
  3. MONICA'S MANIC MONDAYS continues with EVANS tote for $395!! Today's the only day the EVANS is $100 off !! EVANS tote is also under "Monica's Picks" on our website BUY NOW, WEAR NOW!
  4. Unless this stacks with the 20% off coupon, I would say you're better off buying from Nordstrom (at least if you are looking for the red one), because it's still cheaper there (by about $60).
  5. Monica, a suggestion regarding design for you and your team: I just received a large Eden satchel, and it is just a HAIR too small to fit a letter-sized redweld folder (these guys: The bag, however, is big enough to fit a regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper through the top without having to bend the paper. Since redwelds are the primary way many people carry documents in my industry (legal), would you consider designing your bags with redwelds (rather than just simply a piece of paper) in mind as a size consideration?
  6. Botkier Babes!

    Love the new Spring color hue filled with pastel power? Scoop up a limited deal on one of our Spring pastel Botkier satchel, clutch or hobo @ :smile:
  7. Waiting for the Valentina Shoulder in BLUSH to arrive. Would you suggest the same care products for Valentina BLUSH? TIA
  8. When does the code expire? I just tried it and it did not work :sad:
  9. @tinazach You will love the VALENTINA Shoulder in BLUSH!! You can definitely use the same care products as you have used for other items. Be sure to test a small area on the bag before you use the products on the remaining area of that bag just to see if there are any drastic changes in color and texture.
  10. We're sorry to say that the this code expired February 1st but we do have a sale section that contains products that are 30% off @
  11. Botkier Babe, do you know if Botkier plans to have sample sales in NYC or just online. As an NYer, I love going, but I was curious if there were still something to look forward to.
  12. It has been awhile since we have had an onsite sample sale, we kicked off our online sample sales last year...That said we miss the excitement of a physical sale so stay tuned. It would most likely happen in May! xoMB
  13. Is there going to be a blush wallet/billfold to go with the Valentina line?
  14. Hi Monica. Is the long strap on the Valentina Satchel adjustable? The strap holes seem impossible to detach from the hardware. Any easy way around this? Thanks!
  15. Can't. wait. So excited for the announcement!