"The Office"!!!

  1. Is on right now! Anyone else watching? (East Coast)
  2. Me :biggrin: I found a "The Office" forum and was so excited, haha. I LOVE this show!
  3. ^ What did you think about the first episode? I love how Jim did the old calculator in the jello thing to his new co-worker, but to frightening results.
  4. Is this the Office that came over originally from the UK? I haven't seen the US version but the UK one is sooo good...
  5. That was one of the best episodes ever. I loved the ending when Dwight was using the gaydar machine Jim sent.
  6. ive seen the UK one i LOVE IT!!!!!! i hated the american version *no offence to anyone* but it didnt have the dry humor of the english verision that i foudn so funny
  7. Yes I think the British do have a certain type of sense of humour that other countries don't....
  8. ^ I own the UK version on DVD. I think both the UK and US versions are great, but unique in their own ways.
  9. Although the whole episode was great, the last two minutes with Dwight and the gaydar was the BEST part. I hope Jim comes back!!
  10. this is one of the only sitcoms I watch on tv...DH and I crack up. so glad it is back on!
  11. Kinda like Dilbert, some of the stuff is so funny because it comes close to being true to life (or are most of the people I work with crazy?)
  12. I saw the UK version first and loved it. It took a while for the American cast to grow on me now I adore each character. It's still dry, but a little more obvious than the UK version. I love love LOVE Jim and Pam (oviously!)!
  13. ok ladies I missed it=o( Pleaseee give me a recap of what happend? Are Jim and Pam together? Tell me everything!!!!!!!!!
  14. To recap, Pam did not get married- she got cold feet! And Jim transferred to another Dundler Mifflin office (I think in Hartford?) because he got a promotion (or so he said). There was one scene where both Jim and Pam were in staff meetings and there were empty seats next to them and they looked so sad & missing each other.
  15. This is such a great show. So many people had never heard of it until they won the Emmy. We watched from the beginning because we had heard all about the British version.

    I think this season will be fun because we will get to know the new office workers from Jim's new office. Dwight just cracks me up!!