The office refrigerator...

  1. Gross, it seems that places where the majority buy lunch everyday don't take care of the fridge or microwave because they don't use it. I know it sucks but maybe you can spray the fridge with some clorox, allow it to sit a while and then wipe it out so you can use it? It sounds like nobody else is so after you clean it you probably won't have to worry about it being all nasty again.
  2. The tough part is: we don't have a microwave. The fridge just looks like a microwave where food exploded. There are food-rests on the walls, floor, YUCK!!!

    There is food in there that has probably been in there for a L O N G time. It stinks something awful.

    I wish I were back in my old department where we had a nice, clean fridge and microwave...and free coffee :cry:

  3. that sounds just...eewww. I don't think I would want to clean that either.
  4. I threw food out of the office kitchen cabinets the other week that expired in 2008. Now I know non-perishables can get forgotten in cabinets, however, the kitchen was totally renovated last fall so I don't know why the items weren't checked before just being put back in.
  5. The office assistant sent a memo to everyone that the fridge gets cleaned out every Friday. And she meant it, it all got thrown out, along with any tupperware. The fridge was this tiny little thing with a water cooler attached to it, so you can imagine how bad it smelled after a week or two, I'm sure it was only meant to store bottled drinks.
  6. I work at a branch of a large corporate law firm, and we have two fridges stocked. I've gotten my fruit cup stolen once! :tdown: Also, most of my coworkers are messy and don't clean up after themselves. The poor receptionist has to clean everything up that was left behind, and I try my best to do what I can do help her. Our fridges get cleaned every month or so though, which is good!
  7. Our office fridges are so nasty I never put anything in there. This reminds me of a story - one of our staff liked those big DQ blizzards (soft ice cream with candy mixed in) and left half of one in the freezer. When she went back to get the rest of it, it had frozen hard like normal ice cream and was showing numerous spoon marks where one or more people had taken a taste! She told everyone in the department that she had spit in it before freezing it (I don' t think she would really do that) and no one ever touched her foods again.
  8. I have come to the conclusion that I work with a bunch of pigs...
  9. Bahahahahaha!!!! :lol: EWWWWWWWWWWW!
  10. Our office fridge has (thankfully) got a bit better than its all time worst but it's still pretty disgusting. I usually only bring a lunch bag and then take it out every night, but some people in my office seem to think that it's their personal fridge and have a shelf worth of stuff that they never use! (we have one fridge for a floor of probably 40-50 people so imagine how crowded it can be with extra junk everywhere) and it always seems to have unknown sticky substances all around. It used to always stink all the time too (from people's leftovers/expired food) but finally after complaints it started to get cleaned more regularly and someone finally thought to put one of those baking soda boxes in there to capture the smell. Now if only we could teach them to not burn things in the microwave/cook super smelly things like fish!
  11. Someone is forever stealing lunches at work -- to include the whole lunchbag.
  12. I have purchased a bar fridge for my office as I am tired of the disgusting common fridge. It's in my car and soon to be in my office. I'm also putting my own Keurig in my office.
  13. This thread makes me thankful for my office frige and co-works.

    I work in a small department (4 people), we share a frige with another department (3 people), and ours is always clean and we've never had stolen lunches.
  14. I work in an office with only a few other people...we have a "large mini fridge" lol... when I started working there it was NASTY, and the microwave? It smelled. I now clean it every week just because I personaly bring all snacks and lunches and refuse to heat my food in a garbage can. At the moment everyone is pretty clean, but in the past we have a lady who spilled food in there every day and left it. About a year ago I went through a period where one person kept eating my expensive organic yogurts (I brought one a day and ate it) and said they mistaked it for their yogurt they purchased at the dollar store (no joke). On top of it, they often lectured me on wasting money buying all organic foods. Okay so is that why you eat my $2 yogurt everyday and leave your 15cent cup of sugar and food coloring for me? LOL still burns my cookies.
  15. I hope nobody in my office sees this lol
    The refrigerator in the pantry is soooo tiny its probably enough to fit 3 lunch boxes max. And somehow when we leave milk in there during the weekend it will DEF turn into cheese on the Monday even thou it's still before the expiry date. Feels like someone took off the plug to save electricity! Not to mention the kettle, my colleague actually found a cockroach camouflaging with the black stain (when you don't descale) and it was actually boiled numerous times before he found out! the list goes on really, even the office suites are falling apart. The alarm sys went off more than 10 times today