The OC w/ Coach!

  1. i've been paying mucho attention to the handbags they carry on The OC, and i acctually saw one i REALLY like!

    it was in season 2, disc 3 (lol) summer was carrying it. it was suede striped (i THINK) and had black patent leather handles. it's SO CUTE i just want to find a picture of it! so far no luck... anyone know which bag i'm speaking of? it's pretty bright colored, with a white green pink and purple wavey sections, kinda like the new khaki wave and blue wave, but without the signature. i don't know if they handles are black anymore, but they sure looked it... eep imma go look for pix again.... anyone kwow what bag i speak of?
  2. I know which one you are talking about! Is it the bag that she puts Cohen's notebooks of drawings of her in? I love that one. I think the word 'wave' is in the name of the bag . . . .
  3. yes yes yes yes yes that is the one! i have been searching wave stripe suede blah blah i'm trying lol at least you know what i'm talking about! i love it!
  4. it was a limited edition suede wave bag that came out at the end of 2004. if you keep searcing on eBay for wave, they do come up from time to time. hope that helps!
  5. Not sure which one you're talking about but you could also try searching just a color as that will pull up all sorts of styles.
  6. Yeah, its the wave gallery tote from like 2004. There were matching flats which Marissa wore in another episode.
  7. There is a thread here about coach on tv and I posted that bag on there. I love that bag, I regret not getting.:crybaby:
  8. here it is
  9. Here is Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper wearing the matching flats.
  10. I love that tote; impossible to find tho.
  11. I know it is and I kick myself for not getting it. I found one at macy's 50%off plus an additional 20% off.
  12. The pics on that auction aren't good enough... I'm not positive it's real. Fakes of that style do exist, I think.
  13. The wave gallery totes were highly faked. Make sure your seller is reputable and post any auctions on the authenticate this thread. For a newbie seller she should have about 8-10 photos of that bag in her listing.
  14. yes ladies yes.

    that is the bag.

    we can all weep over the fact that we don't have it....

    i want it!

    thank you to everyone for finding pictures!

    MUCH appreciated!

    PS: that eBay person has 100% feedback so whoever wants that bag, should snag it (im broke :crybaby: )