The obstacles of my goals ! Limited pieces

  1. Dag Nabbitt! (my grandma says that)

    My LV obsession just started a month ago when the Manhattan PM caught my eye. I started saving for it immediately. I have a decent job in manhattan but rent takes up most of my paycheck so saving is what I must do!

    Well I wanted to get the green perfo cles before it was completely gone so I dipped into my manhattan PM fund...saved more back up...then spent money on pieces in the groom line before it's my LV savings is back down to zero and that manhattan pm seems so far away.

    Now I want the Cabas Mezzo and maybe a small bag like the malibu.

    As of now. My collection only consists of limited/seasonal pieces. Can't seem to get around to the permanent stuff. Any fun/motivational ways you guys save for your big purchases?
  2. Join the club :biggrin: That´s how it goes with pretty much everyone here.
  3. Yeah...that always seems to happen now doesn't it? You just have to really want a big piece and I always try having 2 funds, one for small items, and one for big!
  4. I know what you mean! I want the Stephen bag, but it seems SO FAR out of reach!
  5. I hear ya! I want a black MC speedy....but always end up spendign 1K on something else!
    Stay'll get there!
    How about dividing your fund into 2: 2/3 for large purchases and 1/3 for accessories!
  6. my goal when i first wanna own an LV is a MC speedy. but now i ended up with 2 monograms, panda, cerises, MC cles, MC carnet and an MC alma.
    never got ny MC speedy... YET! :P
  7. My goal by the end of this year is to buy White MC Trouville..

    I hear's painful but feels so good at the same time. We are like an Alcoholic but love to hang aroud in the bar...