The obsession never stop.

  1. Every time I find myself wanting a bag so badly, I try my best and find ways to get the bag as soon as possible. From working overtime, stop spending money on designer jeans, to saving name it. But when I get the bag that I've been wanting, took it out and stared at it. Afterwards, i put it back in the dust bag and in the drawer it go. A week later, a new bag is on my wishlist. Now the the process starts all over again. I'm pretty sure it will continues like this.

    The addiction had gotten worse every since I found this forum. However, I've also learned many useful informations about LV as well.

    Please let me know I'm not alone on this. With LV, it's like I'm never satisfied.:push:
  2. Can I ask what bag it was ???
  3. I can relate, never satisfied & always wanting the newly released bags
  4. I can totally relate! It is neverending! Plus I'm trying to catch up from 2001 releases!
  5. You're not alone!!!! *Hug* Don't feel bad!

    Each time i see a bag i want, i would spend less money on eating out and buying other things to save up....

    Sometimes i think i have issues.. But i mean that's just what girls BAGS! We'll never have enough of bags..Esp LV!! :tup:
  6. Oh my gosh I can so relate .. saving and begging (DH) then getting the bag only to find myself weeks later coveting a new gotta have bag.
  7. I totally relate, I can't seem to ever feel satisfied. I got 5 bags in the past month or so, and I am already shopping for new items. you are not alone.
  8. I can relate i do this alot i find something i really want buy it and never use it.
  9. I'm not sure about your question but first, I got the Saleya in March, 3 weeks later I got the Azur speedy. Recently, I purchased the Jasmin (Ivorie).

    Before that I purchased the Audra. After i got it, I questioned myself why i didn't get the Aurelia even though before that I drooled over the Audra for weeks.

    LOL this is madness:nogood:
  10. Hehe thanks. But seems like it get more expensive each time.:sweatdrop:
  11. I can relate as well, I just make sure not to spend above what I can afford. I do cut out other purchases sometimes to afford certain bags, like instead of shoes I got a bag, stuff like that. But like Twiggers, I am also playing catch up on some LE items that I missed the first time around so it seems never ending, but I really enjoy the hunt for the next LV! And as long as they keep designing amazing bags I will keep buying!
  12. Yes, I can totally relate. I bought five bags in two months back in 2005, then my obsession went dormant for a couple of years until two months ago, when I paid a visit to my local LV store on a whim and saw the Lodge for the first time. That re-ignited the obsession and I have bought six new purses and three wallets, in the last two months. The list is growing and I don't see any end in sight. I find myself wanting to collect discontinued styles and colors, in addition to the current/new stuff that is coming out. My DH doesn't understand why I need to collect all of these purses because I don't use them all. I can't explain it to him. Heck, I can't even explain it to myself! My obsession is definitely worse now that I've joined this forum. You ladies give such great testimonials about that bags that you buy and that just makes my wishlist longer and longer! Is there an LV anonymous 12 step program :confused1:?

  13. hehehe I know.......LV bags are getting more and more expensive (esp the LE bags)

    *sigh* I bought 5 bags in the past month (3 LV and 2 gucci)...AND on top of that i bought some LV accessories........Sometimes i think i have issues.

    The coming half year, LV is producing so many HOT bags.....not enough time to rejuvenate my bank account :sad:
  14. Its hard...really, really hard for me as well...

    I know that I dont need another one, I just want another one....So I had to stop myself.....:crybaby:

    I wish I had more money...ughhhhhhh
  15. This is a never-ending obsession, I think. I just re-made my LV wish list today thinking that after I get the dark gray Nimbus in the fall, then I will be done. Of course, there are other bags from now until then that I NEEEED such as the black denim Neo Cabby. I hope I can reach that point when I can truly say I have all the LV I need!!!