The Obsession Game

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  1. Heres how to play
    you get to choose 2 obsessions

    1: louis vuitton related ( i.e a particular bag, or kind of leather, color ect..)
    2: something not louis vuitton related but something fashion related!

    let the game begin!


    1: Damier ebene
  2. 1). Speedy
    2.). Jewelry - diamonds to be exact:smile:
  3. 1. Vernis Brea GM in Poudre
    2. YSL shoes, especially Tribute sandals. Just bought my 15th pair last week.
  4. 1. Empreinte
    2. Frye Boots
  5. 1. Clés, clés, clés! :P
    2. Scarves. I love them, and have way more than I need.
  6. 1. LV
    2. Chanel
    3. Diamonds
    4. Christian Louboutins
    5. Hermes
    6. Make up

    I want it all!!!!!!!
  7. 1. Bag charms ;)
    2. Trollbeads ;)
  8. pomme
  9. LV - I'm a little (ok a lot) LV crazy right now. I love the colors, patterns, materials, designs, smell, sound,! Do I need to keep going?😁

    Flat summer sandals - (strappy, gladiator, studs, sequins, charms, colorful...etc.)
  10. 1: azur (at the moment)
    2:combat boots (can't get away from them!)
  11. 1. Empreinte everything!
    2. Rose gold everything. :lol:
  12. Besides being crazy for LV

    1. Chanel MakeUp

    2. Hermes Shawls and Bracelets!
  13. LV - Sofia Coppola bags

    Non - one of a kind/commissioned/custom furnishing pieces for my home.
  14. 1. lv item= the next le line
    2. my hairy children
  15. 1.LV anything.
    2.Anything that is cheap so I can save up to LV :P