The O.C. Season 3

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  1. Frankly, I don't like the first three episodes thus far. It seemed to me that the directors or writers rushed through the first two episodes, that actually had enough material for twice the amount of screen time. Not to mention, the drama surrounding the new principal is lame, the guy is not even intimidating. Also, what the heck did Jerry Ryan do there, other than being... useless. Did we ever find out what her function was in terms of story line?

    Erm... I got hooked to The O.C. mid-first season, loved the whole second season. I really hope they slow things down and add some spicy drama, no more of that lame crap they've shown us thus far. :evil:
  2. Don't you all love what I have done to him!!! I know I may be a bit old for OC but it reminded me of 90210 which I loved in grade school and high school. Don't hate me because I watch mind dumbing tv!!

    And I agree with Vlad... they may lose a viewer sometime soon. This season probably proves why I should not watch the show- LAMENESS. :worried:
  3. Fortunately, tons of new and interesting shows emerged this year, including new seasons of kickass shows like CSI. There is plenty to fall back on, just in the case that Orange County doesn't get her sh*t straight.
  4. You know I never watched the OC - because I live in the OC, and there are no hot Russell Crowe look-a-likes near me. That angers me. I used to be really into shows like Melrose Place and Models Inc. (which we'll never know what happened after the wedding shooting cliffhanger!). Still the OC never appealed to me.

    I've only heard of the show, and how the Adam Brody is supposed to be into indie music (Death Cab For Cutie lost their indie cred about two years ago, pal). That also angers me. But I think I might be the only person in the universe who finds Peter Gallagher's eyebrows to be incredibly sexy.

    I find myself only watching comedies - like Arrested Development and King of Queens, every time I sit down to watch a TV drama, the dialogue and plot are so stilted and terrible, that I'd rather read a book. At least with a comedy, it's supposed to be moderately stupid.
  5. I watched some of the first season but lost interest during the second. I doubt the third will bring me back into it hehe.
  6. Never seen it. I find that I have so little time for TV. What I do end up watching (West Wing, Entourage) are things that my husband likes and I end up getting into because I want to sit next to him on the couch at night! TV preference by proximity!

  7. I haven't watched the OC...I may not ever.
    I have a hard time following up with some shows.
  8. i like watching oc, i think the first few episodes were ok. but i'm really bored by the fact that jimmy cooper is having money troubles again. couldn't they make up something else?
  9. I was hooked on the oc for the first and second season , but this season is starting off slow
  10. Interesting this was bumped after 4 years.

    I thought a new show came on about the OC LOL
  11. ditto LOL. I was such a HUGE OC fan lol. Loved seth & summer :cloud9:
  12. Me, too! I grabbed the remote and was frantically working the Tivoid with one hand and googling with the other, but alas... :sad:
  13. I believe it was a spammer. Their links wanted you to download stuff. They bumped quite a few old threads. I think they were removed now.
  14. this was the season that ruined the show for me and i stopped watching. a lot of people say it redeemed itself season 4, but i still don't think it's worth it. the plot lines were a mess.
  15. ^me too! I still have not watched season 4 except for one episode I happened to catch at a friend's house. I am actually thinking that it might possibly have been long enough that I can watch it now... maybe I am less attached and so will be less angry if I don't like it.