the nyc b-bag store has ink & ice blue day bags

  1. they've also got the ink weekender, the lilac '06 city & some various cornflower, grey, origan & emerald bags :party:...i won't be buying any of them (since i'm on an official self-imposed b-bag ban :banned:smile:, but had to ask while i was picking up my new fire engine red mini coin purse :tender:...i'll try & take some pictures later for you girls!!!
  2. Definetly take pics, I would love to see how the coin purse looks. I just got off the phone with Joseph a little while ago and I should have my first b-bag by Wed.!
  3. awesome! thanks for the tip aaallabama! ice blue... yum!
  4. Jenn- what are you getting? :smile:
  5. Blueberry city. Can't wait for it to come :cutesy: :yahoo:
  6. Fun! Can't wait to see pics!
  7. How friend just called me from the BalNYC store asking if she should buy this beautiful blue Work (of course I said :yahoo: ). Her cell phone was dying so she's calling me later to let me know if she got it. :supacool: I wonder if the bag is Ink or Blueberry...:girlsigh:
  8. Are any of the bags on sale at Bal-NY?
  9. nope, unfortunately, i don't think they ever go on sale there :crybaby:
  10. There were bags on sale at Bal-Paris. None of the motorcycle bags, though.
  11. Is the blueberry more purplely?
  12. nope, blueberry's not purpley at all, it's straight-up blue :yes:
  13. She got blueberry!!!!! Ooooh I am SOOOO excited for her!!!! Finally!!!!!! :graucho: :love:
  14. Congrats aaa, on your new coin purse! I bet it's very cute and delish in the red!
  15. awe, thanks SS, she's sooooooooooooo purdy, i just :heart: fire engine red :tender: ...i used to think they were too much $$$ (& still really do)...but i needed something little to use when i'm not carrying my compagnon...i'll try & post some pictures tomorrow once i can get my camera hooked up to the 'puter :yes:

    p.s. i wanna add, that even with these little guys, the fire engine leathers were totally different colors!!!