The Nuva Ring?

  1. Hey guys. I went to my gyno today for birth control. I had been on ortho tri-cyclin years back but the nausea and vomitting it caused was not worth the pro's of birth control, and seriously deterred me from hormonal birth control all together. My doctor prescribed my nuva ring and seriously sung its praises. She said the girls at the office all love it, it's got the lowest incidency of nausea, and it doesn't pass through the GI tract (I'm a gastric bypass patient - so my risk of getting pregnant on the pill would be much higher than the average Jane). I have my period now - and she said I could insert it now, but a tampon may be uncomfortable with it - so if I want to continue wearing a tampon, I should wait until my period becomes light enough to wear a panty liner or until it's finished completely.

    I'm wondering what your experiences are with the nuva ring? Comfortable? Easy to insert/remove? Thank you!
  2. I've always wondered about the Nuva Ring...This may start to be TMI, so...sorry!

    I've always had problems using Tampons without applicators (what's mainly available here!) because I can't seem to get it far enough in so that it's not uncomfortable. I would think that I would have the same issues with the Nuva Ring...But that's just me!

    I've got lots of friends who use the Nuva Ring (and similar brands) and they all love it. They say it's easy, you don't have to remember much and that it basically takes care of itself!
  3. My body can't handle all the hormones that birth control contains. I actually get depressed. My doctor recommended the Nuva Ring and I was still suffering from the same effects. She finally recommended a IUD. It stays in for up to 5 years, has very little hormones, and is the only birth control that is 99.9% effective. Best part was that my health insurance covered all but $60 of it! Best deal ever since Nuva Ring is $40 a month and not covered by health insurance. That's $480 a year. Word of advice, go with a IUD. Mirena is the one I use and there's an ad for it in almost every magazine.
  4. I have been on ortho tri-cylcen, ortho evra (the infamous patch) and I have to say that I really LOVE nuva-ring. The main thing I like about it is that I don't have to pop a pill every day at the same time. But another good thing is that it is removable unlike an IUD.
    I don't know your personal life, but GYN's advise against IUD's if you have not had kids and are not monoagamous. There's a higher risk of serious infection and possibly infertility if you get and STD and have an IUD in place.
    Back to nuva ring... It's fairly easy to insert, just takes practice keeping it bent into a figure-8 while inserting. The plastic is somewhat rigid at first, but your body heat warms it up and after a while you don't even feel it. If you still feel it, it may not be inserted high enough.
    There have been a few times I've had to reposition it (like after removing a tampon, intercourse <he felt it and didn't care BTW>), but it's not that big a deal.
    I switched from ortho tri-cyclen to the ring after my period, so it was a seamless transition and I didn't have any spotting that first month.
    I like it alot and am not going back to the pill. All I can say is give it a try! Hope this wasn't TMI. I just wanted to give some practical experience with it.
  5. ^^^ not TMI at all - thank you soooo much. Really :p
  6. I posted this answer last summer in response to another question -- to avoid repeating myself I just cut and pasted. And of course, I feel exactly the same way now as I did then: the NuvaRing is still awesome! It is very easy to insert and remove, and is just basically perfect. :yes: Now, here's my answer from before:

    Another big-time vote for the NuvaRing!! It is the most awesome thing ever, and I have tried the pill, the monthly injection Lunelle, and the patch! The pill is fine if you remember to take it perfectly, which no one does, and it's too much to remember, anyway. The monthly injection was OK, but you had to go to the doctor each month to get it, so there is a slight inconvenience there. The patch totally and completely BLOWS . . .it is awful -- doesn't stay on, you can't put moisturizer near it, plus it's on the outside of your body and it is visible, so just kind of wierd that way. Every time those commericals come on for the patch, I want to scream and yell obscenities at the TV. It is AWFUL and no amount of advertising budget is going to change that. The NuvaRing, on the other hand, is the Holy Grail of birth control. You only have to think about it twice a month -- once to take it out, once to put it in -- so there is little room for human error. You can't feel it at all, and altho my boyfriend says that sometimes he can feel it a little, it isn't something that bothers him at all. He says it's totally no big deal even when he does feel it. The NuvaRing is the most awesome form of birth control there is --I cannot imagine why it's not the most popular method, except that perhaps it's not as "cute" to advertise on TV like the stupid patch. Do yourself a huge favor and look into it!
  7. I love the NuvaRing. I wear tampons with it fine and I get MUCH lighter periods. I get a little emotional when I first put it in...or maybe I'm just emotional by myself, hahaha. But really, it's great! You should give it a try!
  8. I haven't tried it personally, but I am pretty sure the NuvaRing has the same problems the patch has in terms of delivering more hormones than a pill. If you have experienced sensitivity to hormones, this may be even worse with a method such as the patch or the ring. Here is an FDA press release on the matter:

    FDA Updates Labeling for Ortho Evra Contraceptive Patch

    It hasn't been taken off the market, but probably something you should consider.
  9. I was on the Nuva Ring for about a year (I no longer take any birth control), but I liked it for the most part when I was on it...and I absolutely hated all the hormones in Ortho Tricycline (I was on that for about 6 months).

    I only have a few complaints with the Ring...The first is that sometimes when I would take the ring out of the package, it would be slightly bent and I couldn't get it in comfortably--I could feel it poking out. I got a lot of discharge because of it (ok, sorry if that is too much info, but I am hoping we are all mature adults here!). After several days of being uncomfortable, I was always able to eventually get it in, I am guessing my body heat changed the shape of it enough. My only other complaint was trying to remove it. I wear acrylic nails, and umm, ouch!

    But other than that, it is a really good option, I only gained a few pounds on it, compared to the 10 I gained on the Pill. And I didn't experience the depression that the Pill gave me. In all, Nuva Ring is definitely worth giving a try if your Doc agrees it is a good option for you.
  10. My gyno told me it delivers less hormones than the pill, and slower - which is why it has a lower incidency of nausea...?
  11. ^^ LivinLuxuriously, you are correct, from what my doc told me.
  12. I've never tried the Nuva Ring it seems easy to use but as soon as they state the side effects in the commerical I get scared. I can't take any type of birth control pill and would never wear the patch I just didnt think it would stay on. I gain weight I just don't like it. I am married and I use absoultely no birth control hence the 2 kids.
  13. get an IUD. No side effects, no weight gain, and it's maintenance free. I'm married with 1 child and we're still deciding if we want more.
  14. So I inserted the nuva ring today - very comfortable and very easy to use. I don't feel it and haven't noticed any changes...

    And for the TMI - SO says he doesn't feel it.
  15. Great LL!! I am so glad you found something that works for you!!!