The Number ONE Skin Ager

  1. The sun is the number one skin ager. Always use sunblock under your makeup, or use makeup that contains sunblock. Apply it to your neck and decollete area. My grandmother is 81, and she has unbelievable skin hardly any lines. She told me she always avoided the sun.

    Another skin ager is smoking cigarettes. :smile:
  2. What About An Spf With Good Coverage But To Still Get A Little Sun Kissed, If That Even Makes Since?!
  3. Members and especially members with fair skin, get your doctor to recommend frequent mole checks.
  4. I agree. Both the sun and cigarette smoking will kill your skin. I totally avoid the sun (I just hate it lol), but can't stop smoking. :tdown:
  5. I have never smoked or "actively tanned." Also I grew up in a cloudy climate (Seattle). I have naturally oily skin and I use SPF daily on my face.

    I am 34 and usually am mistaken for being in my mid-20s.

    I dunno, what do you think? Here is a recent pic, wearing no makeup:


    I do wish I had started wearing eye cream earlier!
  6. Also it would be great to still have the body I had in my mid-20s but hey you can't have it all...
  7. i think you look GREAT!! i easily would have said you were 25
  8. The sun is bad, bad, bad for the sking.

    Jane, you look great! You Definitely look 10 years or more younger.
  9. jane you do look very young. I get mistaken for being younger than I am (I'm 35) but I can see more lines around my eyes. I don't see any on you. I am pretty pale now but used to try to sun a while back.
  10. Jane! you look so young! You are very lucky.
  11. Hi Jane,
    You look about 23, really young.
  12. Thanks you guys! I definitely do not have perfect skin by any means, I still get breakouts all the time (though not as bad as I used to). No lines around my eyes yet, but I do get dark circles, which can be treated by drinking lots of water and getting more sleep.

    I really think a lot of it is genetic though. My mom is 63 and she looks much younger than she is. I also think having oily skin, while it is annoying, can prevent wrinkles.
  13. i'm paranoid about the sun giving me premature wrinkles! i use eye creams and moisturizers with SPF everyday, regardless of the weather. i do need to start using it on my body...especially my hands.

    Jane, you look AWESOME!!