The Number 23

  1. Has anyone seen this one? The rating on IMDB seems pretty high :yes:
  2. I saw it last weekend with my fiance. We had heard bad things about it and almost didn't go. SO GLAd we did...very trippy movie...loved it!
  3. I still want to see this! I heard it was really good.
  4. parents went to go see it and they didnt like it but my DH and I are gonna check it out anyways, i've learned not to take criticism from my parents too seriuosly :biggrin:
  5. i want to, but i'm almost scared to- my birthday is the 23rd...
  6. we saw it last night... i thought it was interesting the whole fascination with the number 23... but the whole movie is a little... hm slow... and there really isn't that much obsession about 23 devoted to the movie... i was expecting them to point out a lot of stuff about 23 in everyday life... but it was mostly pertaining to the characters... and i thought they stretched a little... overall, i thought the movie was okay at best... not as good as i expected it to be... i didn't come out excited about the movie...:push:
  7. me two on both accounts!
  8. Saw it over the weekend....about 8 people walked out during the movie before my bf and I did. I thought it was really slow and pretty boring.
  9. I saw it and loved it, best movie so far this year!
  10. I would say-thumbs down. And that's being kind. If you think it is some sort of psychological thriller? It's not. It's not scary, not even close. The movie should have ended about 30 minutes earlier, just after Carreys' characters revalation.

    The acting and direction were good but they were working with a less than average script. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!