The Nude Lindy Knockoff

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  1. and it's Dolce!!! :wtf: I am in a state of shock!
  2. :amazed:
  3. I can't see any significant similarity between lindy and that dolce, so I won't say it is a knockoff, plus i kind of like that dolce actually, JMO
  4. Ummmmm,........ugly.
  5. Oh ugh
  6. eewwui! que feo!!
  7. Oh my ... Did I see it correctly? D&G?!
  8. Yikes! As they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ;)
  9. :shocked::tdown:
  10. lol... watz happening??? Designers running out of ideas therefore they need to "borrow" :roflmfao:
  11. I actually recoiled from the screen when that image popped up.

  12. D & G has been using that shape for a FEW seasons, actually. I really dig their clothes and shoes, even handbags from time to time... but they started to lose me when they started using this style, moments after Lindy became popular. I know the designers use each other for inspiration all the time and it's expected, but this one seemed a little too far.

    Or maybe it's an homage, hard to say.
  13. its a contradiction when other famous designers knockoff other designers' design & call it their own, & that is fine...

    but when a small-fry manufacturer produces a lookalike (tt can look just like tt d&g bag w/o any branding) - its called a replica & that is a copyright infringement...

    i dont get how this world revolves...