The North Face quality?

  1. I'm thinking about purchasing a north face coat but I'm unsure whether or not it is worth the extra money to spend on a coat? Because it is down I'm concerned about down coming through the seams and shedding all over the place. I'm hoping this brand is really good quality and elminates that problem.

    I just purchased a cheaper down coat from the Gap and am really disappointed I wore it twice and it smells like mildew for some reason and is shedding down all over the place. So it is going back.

    So any opinions about the north face quality would be appreciated.
  2. I have TNFs metropolis parka which is down & I have yet to see 1 feather come out. I've had it for a couple of years now too so the quality is good - no shedding.
  3. North Face has great quality coats. Check out for a great selection and good deals. I've bought lots of stuff from them.
  4. north face is makes great quality, hands down. I have many many jackets from them
  5. I live in the northeast and The North Face is the single brand that I see most people wearing around these parts from Dec-March. I love their fleeces, and am planning to buy a Denali soon. I just wish it weren't so expensive!!!

    PS: Try They have overstocks and closeouts for much cheaper than store prices.
  6. AMAZING quality...
    I just got a puffer jacket, and it's super warm...too warm! That's why I exchanged it for one of those Denali jackets made from polar fleece and it's PERFECT...a lot warmer than it looks...the material is great quality and very thick and warm. Plus, not a bad price and lightweight...goes with everything!
  7. They are definitely high-quality jackets that do all they claim to do in terms of protecting you from the elements. We up here in the Northwest love/live in North Face jackets. In fact, if you take a stroll through the University of Washington campus right now, you would think that NF jackets are the unofficial uniform of the huskies!

    Maybe it's just me, but I have noticed that their jackets tend to be roomier, so depending on your size you may want to try and see if you can get away with buying their kids jackets since they are about half the price!
  8. Oh my God, I don't think I could survive a Chicago winter without NORTHFACE. I used to think it was INSANE to pay nearly $1,000 for a really good Northface Parka... but trust me, it is soooooo worth it. And you can get a VERY decent jacket for $300-400. The beauty of the Northface jackets is that they themselves are so warm there's no need to bulk up on layers underneath. You can just wear whatever you want, take off your coat once you're inside, and it's fine.

    I have never heard anyone complain about Northface's quality. Your Northface should and will last you for years.
  9. Yup, I got a kid's [well, I AM 15...but my friends all got adult sizes and they fit the same as my kid's one] and it costs so much less, but the same quality and even looks the same! My huge puffer was around $200...the Denali was only $90...and I got it for $70 during the Macy's F&F! :tup:
  10. I own a North Face jacket as well as a denali and I love them both. The jacket is one of the best purchases I ever made. It's SO warm and I've had it for over 3 years now I think and it's in perfect condition.

    Oh and also like someone else said, look into getting a kid's if you can. Well I got mine when I was like 16, and I'm only 19 now but they can fit an adult as well.
  11. I also own a North Face 700 down jacket, I have no problems with the down coming out, I've had it for over 2 years and I lvoe it. It is wo warm, I dont know what else to say but go for it.
  12. I owned a North Face down coat about six years ago. Not sure if their customer service is the same, but after many many years of abuse, my coat was flat and wasn't very warm.

    I took it to a North Face store, and they were so nice and helpful. They sent my coat out and had it re-stuffed with down FOR FREE!!! It was all mangled on the outside, but boy was my coat PUFFY, LOL.

    If you buy North Face, make sure to buy it from a real store/retailer...don't buy it from an outlet (REI Outlet, etc) because they won't honor those types of services then (A friend of mine tried...)
  13. North Face is AWESOME, but be aware that there are many, many fakes from China out there. So be careful purchasing them online. is good, bloomingdales/Nordstroms of course. I recently purchased my husband's down parka for $270 (from 400) from

    If I weren't fat and still growing right now, I'd get one for myself this year. But no, I have to just waddle around barely/not buttoning my cutesy jackets that don't do diddly squat in cold weather.
  14. I own the Northface 700 puffy for over six years now. No shedding. Northface jackets are supreme quality so I wouldn't have a doubt of worries. I also own their Allure down vest, snowboarding jacket (forgot name), and sleeping bags. All the best stuff.
  15. I have a 600 white north face "puffer"/"bubble" coat. It was like $300.00 I believe - but very, very warm. Buuuut, the color gets sooo dirty with the salt and snow and gook of winter :s

    What do the numbers mean anyway? 600?