The No-Surgery Eyebrow Lift

  1. I thought I would share one of my procedures with everyone.

    I have heavy, hooded eyelids. So I get 3 units of Botox in each eyebrow and it raises my eyebrows!

    And just because I had the opportunity a month ago, and thought I could still use improvement, I was a guinea pig for a new Restylane procedure, and had some added into my eyebrow, which enhanced the lift. I LOVE IT!!

    If anyone is considering this, definitely go for the Botox first. They can make your eyebrow raise up in the direction of your hairline, or off at an angle, like Sophia Loren. I like both looks. And it lasts about 4 months on me.

    The great thing is it is so cheap to do for a Botox procedure! At about $13 per unit, it's $78 to hike up saggy brows! Restylane is about $500 a vial, but it only took 3/4 of it, so I put the rest in my nasal labial folds (an area that I already add Restylane to).
  2. Huh....that is so cool....I thought botox relaxed how does it make the eyebrows raise? Very interesting..!
  3. It releases the muscle that pulls the eyebrow down!
  4. :sneaky: Cool! They are really coming up with some inventive, non-invavsive procedures! I've never heard of that..Thanx for sharing!
  5. I've been wanting a TEENY eeny bit of Botox above my eyes. . . maybe I'll do that soon.
    Are the little injection sites swollen after?
    What benefit are you getting from Restalyne on the nose?
  6. Hi ladies,

    FYI, I'm an editor for a medesthetics magazine, and just so you know, any of the fillers, like Restylane, Juvederm, Artefill, etc. are all temporary and their long-term effects on health have not been documented yet.

    I don't know if this makes a difference to you or not, but just thought I'd let you know. The only permanent filler is your own fat; i.e. autologous fat transfer.

  7. Not even Botox? It's been around for some time. Oregonfanlisa, do you have any before and after pics?
  8. Oregonfanlisa, I hope you don't mind me for asking.... the restylane used in your eyebrow... was it because you are a "singker"? Where in the crease of your eyelids are deep set and are sinking?
  9. I agree with this. Botox scares me. I don't need any of the fillers yet, but maybe I would change my mind down the road.
  10. No swelling after Botox. Maybe a little red spot. Don't take any painkiller or asprin 24 hours before injections. Also lay off Vitamin E, Ginko Biloba and Green Tea too as these all increase chances of bruising.

    Restylane temporarily fills the divots that happen over time. My nasal labial folds were getting pretty bad so I have them plumped up. Last time I got them done was July so it was starting to wear off. You can make a big difference by starting close to your nostrils, so that's where we put the last little bit.
  11. What about the new calcium based filler? I just saw my former injection doctor and they are doing it at his new med spa here in Portland.
  12. Well, yes, that would be me. It is starting to get kinda bad so will have to do something to fix it forever, but not ready to get under the knife yet.
  13. No before and after pics. Sorry. But both of the manufacturers have before and afters on their websites.
  14. There is another permanent filler called Silikon 1000. It is best used when the lines are not deep. It must be done by an EXPERIENCED doctor in what is called micro-droplets.
    I have had it done along with Radiesse (which is like Radiance) for my naso labial folds and marionette lines. I love the results. I no longer have those furrows that you see on women over 50. I recently read that doctors are now doing botox injections on the neck to relax the muscles that cause the horizontal lines. you still need a fairly tight neck but it is amazing what they can do now without cutting. Again, the most important thing in any facial filler is to make sure the doctor has a lot of experience
    (i go into NYC - wouldn't take a chance locally)
  15. I had the opposite reaction with Botox in my forehead. It made my eyes look droopy. I didn't care for it one bit so I won't be doing any Botox in my forehead any more. Just in between my eyebrows and in my crows feet. I have some weird reactions to the Botox fact he said I was only the second person he'd seen the reactions I get happen to! Go figure! I had an upper blepheroplasty done last month and that was AWESOME!!!!