The 'no commision' thing.

  1. Ok, we all know the story...LV SAs recieve no commision.

    I think most of us have taken this with a grain of salt and said, yeah but their compensation must be tied somehow to sales...

    I did get that confirmed yesterday. They have quotas and receive bonuses and incentives based on meeting quotas and exceeding them.

    So, yes your sales matter to them and they should show it :smile:
  2. That's good to know. I think the good SA's should get extras for their hard work. I have an amazing SA at NM that is wonderful. It's good to think when I spend my money with her, she benefits from the sale. :smile:
  3. From what I understand, the bonuses and quotas are tied to the store and then broken down among the SAs. I never felt like that was really fair, but I'm pretty sure that's how it is (SA friend). They have impetus to make as many sales for the store as possible, but it isn't like a regular commission as we generally think of it.
  4. Just curious, I've heard that SAs don't get discounts on their own products... is this true???
  5. That system sounds similar to what I had when I worked at're given incentives to do well!
  6. They get a discount, but it is not as large as you think. They cannot buy new items (like Damier Azure) with their discount at all. They can (I think it's like three times a year) order items "on-line" at I believe 30-40% discount, but only three and the styles again are limited. Their normal discount is quite a bit less.
  7. every employee for every company gets some sort of discount that sells a product. otherwise, there's no incentive to work at the company. i won't go into detail of what they are since that's going off topic, but do a search for 'lv employee discount' there's been many threads/posts on it.

    yea.. the quotas are exactly how they make their extra bonuses.. but that's the thing, some people may have reached their quota already and don't really care what else you're going to buy on top of it.

    we tried this at restoration hardware for a couple months.. competition for customers became very serious and fierce.. since after all.. not everyone needs to buy a $10,000 leather sofa. :wtf: but on days i've hit my quotas, i just bleh'ed my way through the rest of the day.. some days i hit my quotas for the rest of the week.

    i'm sure the LV associates probably feel the same way.. have that one lucky customer come in and buy 2 pegases, 2 keepalls, and a few other things, and they're set for the rest of the week/month.. haha.
  8. i don't know where you're getting your info, but the only thing you said that was right was that they can't buy new items. HOWEVER, they can after a couple months, once the item has been set in and other people have bought some. after that point, they can buy with their discount.

    and their normal discount is actually a lot.. and the "online" ordering system is A LOT more than 30-40%. the styles are limited to what is in stock, but they can order more than just '3'.
  9. That's what I had always heard, but the SA said, they have individual quotas and bonuses etc....that's why the reciept says the rep.

    Have you ever noticed if you call in and hold something, bit end up going in and buying something else, each name will be shown....that was the biggest clue for me....if quotas ans bonuses were store wide, why track who made the sale?

  10. Well said and I agree. :yes:
  11. employee names come up on the reciepts are for store/corporate use mainly. the tracking of who made what sale is for the purpose of customer issues, if they do arise. if everyone was anonymous, and customer issue #1 had a bigger problem than customer issue #2, but #2 doesn't know that.. or feels her problem is bigger than #1.. there will be a lot of fighting for, "I WANT IT" or "I WAS HERE FIRST!" or the like. the associate's names are on the reciept to also help the customer..

    Customers (us) tend to gravitate to those we like or those we have a connection with or those that understand us and our needs. regardless of commission, that's just the nature of the shopper and the associates. (believe me.. i get a lot of customers that request to work with me specifically, but i no longer do sales/associate work, and i have to keep reminding them that we don't get commission and that anyone can help them.. and they come back asking for me cuz i practically designed/decorated their entire house and know all the colors/fabrics/etc to where everything is)

    anyway, without names on the reciepts it's hard to keep track of who made what sale.. and why track if it's a store goal? to give praise for the ones who made the biggest sale and give thanks and whatnot. it gives incentive and gives the associates something to work towards.. the company may give associates prizes or nationwide recognition for achieving quotas. this applies to not just LVMH, but all retail sales companies. they all have some sort of quota or some sort of recognition for getting the largest sale. that's what we all strive for.. getting the biggest dollar amount from the customer.

    but like i said, some SA's probably hit their quotas days ago and really don't care if you want to drop $15,000 on bags/luggage/clothing and they missed the sale. true, they all should strive to be nice/etc cuz you really never know who is going to be that mystery shopper or that mystery millionaire that wants the clean the store out! some associates get the point and have usually been there longer, and are almost always pleasant.

    SCP store, my Sherry and a few other gals are awesome.. i don't really care who gets my sale.. and i think they know.. so they seem to all rotate.. LOL.
  12. Whether they get commission or not I think it would be a good thing if they did or had rewards for the individual who made the most sales per month etc, maybe then ALL the SA's would be more focused and interested in their customer (us!). Some of the poor service that people here have wrote about shouldn't happen at LV.
  13. i knoiw that they get private sales the LV staff, and that includes shoes and clothes FOR RELLLLY cheap

    bags though they get an emplyee discoutn. but as you said its limited.

    SA here otld me htis
  14. Commision aside, I like dealing with the same person. They know what I like/dislike and make suggestions/keep items aside for me if they know I am coming in soon. I was even allowed to exhchange something months after I bought it (I don't exchange things on the regular bases and it was nice that I was allowed to do so in this particular case). And I like that no one pushes things on me while I am at the store. As a matter of fact I was talked out of purchasing items by my SA on several occasions!:nuts: THAT to me is an excellent customer service!:yes:
  15. I have heard an SA that they don't receive commission but that they do receive 'credit' for a sale