The nine

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  1. Has anyone else started watching this? I watched it last week, mainly because it came on after lost...but it's pretty good.
  2. I saw it last week and again this week but I think I'm giving up on it after this week. I felt like they raised so many questions last week and didn't answer a single one of them last night. It frustrated me, lol.
  3. I thought about watching it, but it looks like it's a show that requires to much dedication.
  4. It might, thank goodness for TiVo
  5. I love this show!! I can't wait to find out more details about what happened while they were in the bank!!!!
  6. For the previews it looks like they are going to think the young girl had something to do with the robbery....I hope that's not the case
  7. I have started watching it but I think they need to start unfolding things more quickly or they'll lose viewers. I love Tim Daly. I loved him in Wings.
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