The Night Manager -- AMC

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  1. Did anyone watch the 6 episode AMC series The Night Manager, based on a John Le Carre novel?

    It's a spy thriller that's a good weekend binge watch. Hugh Laurie plays a British bad guy. I enjoyed it.
  2. I watched it and really enjoyed it!
  3. I wanted to watch, didn't have a chance.
  4. I watched and really enjoyed it too. LOVE, love, love Tom Hiddleston so much. Met him a few years ago and he is such a wonderful and handsome man. That voice. Swoon. :loveeyes::love::hbeat: Big fan of Hugh Laurie too. It was a win-win all around!
  5. I did!!, I loved it too.
  6. I'm meeting Tom this coming weekend. OMG. :faint: I got to see the Times Talk with him and Laurie to promote the show and Laurie was wonderful. He's so funny and charming!
  7. OMG, indeed! What an exciting weekend it will be for you. :graucho: When I met him I was truly mesmerized (and I have met A LOT of celebrities). There is just something about him. He kissed me and was standing so close that I could smell him AND feel his breath across my face when he spoke. Let me tell you, I was in heaven. LOL! He is fantastic and was incredibly kind to me and my Mom and sisters. I will be a fan forever (and so will they). Can't wait to hear how it goes! :P;)

  8. Thanks! I hear Tom is nothing but amazing and gratuitous to his fans. And you got a kiss!! :swoon: lucky you!!! Also meeting Chris Evans for the first time too. I'll be a big fangirl mess!
  9. Yippee! Girlie, you are in for a treat. Chris is a darling too...just a bit more reserved and shy but very swoon worthy as well! I really can't wait to hear how it goes now! :lol: So excited for you!
  10. Wow. It is so good! I only have one episode to go. Really liked it.
  11. The hubby & I watched & really enjoyed the show. I'm glad we recorded it.
  12. I am glad others liked it too. I loved/hated the Hugh Laurie character. Charming and heinous. He kind of turned my stomach.
  13. It was a great show, so glad I watched!

  14. I liked it - I thought the acting was quite good, and loved the cinematography - but I did feel there were a few plot weaknesses in the story.