The Nifty Nomade Club

  1. I didn't see the Nomade pieces represented so I thought I'd start a club. I would love to see everything out there. :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:

    For me, I'm thinking of getting the Nomade Koala Bracelet in Black (Just like Mr. Posh). I haven't seen it in real life but I love my Monogram Glace Force Cuff that I need something else !!

  2. Here's my Nomade Lockit! I love it, but I do wish it had feet.

  3. Nice!!

    and nice to see you over here too !
  4. I recognized you, too, thereallouis! =)
  5. Congrats on your nomade lockit ... I adore that bag. I also am puzzled as to why the nomade lockit has no feet on the base yet my suhali one does. How are you finding using the nomade??:love:
  6. Hello shalomjude, thanks! I haven't used it yet--still admiring the perfect leather because I know it won't be so perfect once I start using it! LOL But I accept that it is a "connoisseur's leather" and will scratch and eventually acquire a patina. I heard a rumor that it doesn't darken, but will lighten with use? Interesting. In any case, I love it whether it has feet or not. I even asked if LV would put feet and the sales associates said no. =(
  7. Love that Lockit 24!!! :love:
  8. Hiya crochetbella, what are you doing here? Hehe. Thanks very much! You caught me cheating! ;)
  9. Hahah,
    And one more strays

    :P :P :P
  10. Shhhhhhh...

    You gotta admit though, she's a hottie, eh?

  11. She definitely is!
    I think I'm going to try the Black Nomade cc Billfold soon :yes: :yes:
    And get the cuff to match :P
  12. I heard that too BUT I compared one of the new lockits to a display model and found that the older one had become a tad darker. I also asked them too about placing feet on it and had the same response. I just adore that bag:love:
  13. Shalomjude, I'm glad to hear that! I'll start using mine soon. LV's supposed to come out w/ some kind of Nourishing Cream, right? I'd love to have that as soon as possible to buff out superficial scratches.
  14. Hey 24, aww I am an LV fan too. :yes: Especially Nomade. :love:
  15. Crochet, have you fondled any Nomade bags at the store yet? Yummmm... I'm still admiring its newness and perfection before I finally break it in. It's a great bag to have while I dream of a Barenia Birkin 30 or Kelly 32 one day--one of my long-term Hermes goals. ;)
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